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With Christmas right around the corner, it's a busy time for most of us. And in the midst of all the hubbub, I'd like to give you a chance to curl up--wherever you curl up--with a good book. This Sunday, Dec. 22, Dream Weaver will be free on Kindle. Please, help me spread the word. And I did say 'TWO', didn't I? Keep reading.... 

Any readers who've been around any amount of time, know that I am a HUGE fan of a young writer from England named Sam Whitehouse. Sam is writing an Arthurian Fantasy series called The Prophecy of Three Quartet. His first book, The Keys of Time, is available on Amazon; and the second in the series is coming out this weekend, Dec. 21. I am truly honored to work with Sam on this project. There just aren't enough great things for me to say about Sam and his gift for storytelling. If you're a Harry Potter fan, this series may be just right for you. The story is compelling, the magic clever, and the imagery outstanding! So, I'd like to re-introduce Sam to regular readers, and introduce him to those who are new.

Sam, tell readers a little about yourself. Where you’re from, age….stuff like that.
I’m from Yorkshire in the UK. We’re mostly surrounded by countryside and forests and so there is plenty of epic landscapes to keep my imagination stoked. I’m 19 and currently studying a Creative Writing degree at University. Ever since I knew that people wrote books, I knew that is what I wanted to do. I think if I didn’t write, the ideas, worlds and characters in my head would drive me crazy. My favourite movie is Jurassic Park, I’m a huge Marvel fan and will happily admit to being a Potter geek; my favourite book is either Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows or 11/22/63 by Stephen King. One more thing: this is my favourite joke: a man walks into a pet store and asks the shopkeeper if he can buy a wasp. The shopkeeper says he doesn’t sell wasps. The man replies, “you’re a liar, I saw one on the window.”

**eyes will not roll far enough for that one!** 
In 100 words or less, sell your book series ‘The Prophecy of Three’ to readers.
Everything changed for Simon Falke the first time he fell through the fire... 
For as long as there has been Light, Dark has existed. And now the Dark is growing in power, wielded by the witch Morgana, who wants to eliminate the Light altogether. 
Two worlds, existing side by side, will collide. A prophecy foretold centuries ago is coming to pass. Three teenagers will discover untold power, drawn into a war they knew nothing about. They must embrace their new lives and hone their abilities, if they are to save two worlds. 
Read the first book in an epic new urban fantasy series that blends modern day with Arthurian myth and legend. 
(I think that might be just over 100)

I noticed you dedicated your first novel to your grandfather. What kind of inspiration did he
Fantastic re-work on cover
give you?
Some of my earliest memories are of my Grandad telling me stories, both from books and ones that he’d made up himself. He’d tell me about creatures that populate the woods near our house. He was the first one to really fire my imagination and ever since I’ve been making up my own stories. If it were not for him, I don’t think the Prophecy of Three Quartet would have ever seen the light.

Choose one character from your books, and describe their personality.
Falamir: He is the wizard who tutor’s Simon, Evelyn and James in their newly discovered powers. He is a descendant of Merlin’s apprentice. He lives in a sprawling mansion. But Simon, Evelyn and James come to realize that there is more to him than a simple teacher. He lost his family a long time ago but won’t reveal anything about them. But as the series unfolds, his past and the secrets that come with it are slowly revealed. I always saw him as a cross between Van Helsing, Aragorn and Sirius Black with a bit of my Grandad thrown in there, too.

What was the most difficult part of your books to write?
Hmm…. I think the hardest part was figuring out the time travel aspects of the first book. It took a lot of thinking about, but I hope that I got it right. But I think the hardest thing to write is going to be the end of book four (the final book) because it’ll have been such a huge chunk of my life that I’ve spent in this world and with these characters that I can’t imagine not spending every day with them.

Are you already aware of how these stories will end?
Yes. I’ve had the entire arc of the series planned out since before I started writing book 1, The Keys of Time. I’ve always known how and where the series will end and what will happen to the characters. As for the end of Demon’s Hunt (The second book, due 21st December) I did edit it slightly. The book ended somewhat differently, but I wasn’t happy with it and so I made a few changes. Along the way the plot my deviate slightly or a sub plot or character may rear its head and demand I write about them.

What projects do have planned for the future?
For the next few years, The Prophecy of Three will take up most, if not all of my time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Out of all the ideas I’ve had this series is my passion. It was born from a love of myths and legends and fantasy worlds. But I do have a few other ideas poking me to be written. One is a YA sci-fi trilogy about a group of teenagers who wake up on a jungle island with no memories; another is a series about Harry Houdini and demons – which I’m really excited about writing. I also have some ideas for standalone books but everything will have to wait until The Prophecy of Three Quartet is complete.

Can you share your favourite scene from Demon’s Hunt with us?
My favourite scene to write was from the final chapter, the climax. It was the most exciting part to write because even before I’d had the idea for The Keys of Time I wanted to write about the villain of this book. I don’t want to reveal too much and spoil the story, but I’ll say this. We learn more about Merlin and his past this time round.

Anything special you want to share with readers?
This series was born from an abiding love of myths and legends and the fantasy worlds of JK Rowling, Tolkien and Rick Riordan. I have always wanted to create my own world for readers to explore and so I hope you’ll spend a little time in the world of the Prophecy and get to know the characters. Until the release of Demon’s Hunt on 21st of December here is a sneak peek:

Run, just keep running.
Simon’s lungs burned as he ran. It felt as if he’d swallowed a pitcher of boiling water. The back of his throat tasted metallic and his ribs burned, as if someone was ramming a large, hot needle into his side. Cold air parched his mouth and forced tears from his eyes. He’d thought he could lose his pursuer in the thicker cover provided by the leafless trees. But no, the beast still pounded faster and closer.
Simon knew he couldn’t run for much longer, yet the thought of what chased him spurred him on, bringing new speed to his aching legs. His muscles screamed as he mounted a steep hill and his pace began to weaken with the ascent. But he knew he couldn’t let the shifter see the mansion; he had to draw the beast away from it so their location would not be revealed. That was paramount: the mansion had to remain hidden. 
The wind carried Simon’s name, the calls sounding so very far away, distorted and muffled by the rush of air whistling past his ears. Falamir was coming, but how soon would he get here? Simon didn’t think he could run any longer, he knew he couldn’t. His exhaustion was depleting his magic fast and every attempt he made to send force orbs spinning back at the shifter were useless. Most of the spells missed by metres and did little more than enrage the creature even more.  To perform a powerful enough spell he would have to stop and face the shifter, but with it so close behind there would be little time to summon his magic. 
A sense of horror gripped Simon as he mounted yet another steep incline and saw the river come into view. What now? Should he dive in? Take a chance in the deep waters and try and make it to the opposite bank?
 He came to a staggering stop at the edge of the river where the muddy brown water churned furiously, swollen by the heavy rainfall of the past week. It had spilled over and flooded the surrounding fields. The water lapped around Simon’s shoes, quickly soaking them. But he didn’t register the cold. He looked down at the roiling brown water and knew the current was too strong. To risk the river would be foolish. And yet he felt a sudden urge to jump in, anything to escape the wolf, to draw it away. 
A growl issued from behind. Turning quickly on the spot, Simon watched, paralysed with terror, as the wolf slunk slowly forward. Its sickly yellow eyes stared fixedly at Simon, and razor-sharp, decay-ridden fangs dripped with strands of pearly saliva. What could have been called a satisfied smile curled the wolf’s scarred muzzle.
“You will regret ever imprisoning me, boy,” it growled. “I will see to it that you are delivered to my mistress; you and your friends.” 
The shifter padded closer, through the shallow water, triumph glinting in its eyes.
Simon took another faltering step backwards. 

 See! See what I mean?!

So great! Can you share the The Demon’s Hunt blurb?
The Dark is growing in power. Simon, Evelyn and James must fight harder than ever. A powerful new enemy is awoken...

Ancient powers, an inescapable destiny and a powerful witch as an enemy were the last things Simon Falke expected to receive for his fourteenth birthday. But months after discovering that he, along with two other teenagers, are part of an ancient prophecy and must bring about the downfall of the nefarious witch Morgana, life seems more normal. Almost. With Morgana weakened, Simon thinks they might finally stand a chance of defeating her. But then a powerful new enemy rears its head and he, Evelyn and James must unite to confront it.

All the while Morgana grows in power, rallying forces from all corners of the world to join her in the war against the Light.

Sam on Twitter: @SamProphecy 
Amazon Author page: Sam Whitehouse

I hope you will all check into Sam's work. I have HIGH hopes for him! I wish each and every one of you a very Happy Christmas! And a most fantastic New Year!
And as always...
Dare to Dream!

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