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The Breaking Normal Goodreads Giveaway will end on August 31. So I wanted to give it another shout out if some of you haven't heard about it.



As a relatively new indie author, my policy has been to offer my books at very low prices, because I believe, right now, I'm building a fan base rather than trying to make a million bucks. I like to make sure readers know about the great prices on my books. And that trend continues today. In celebration of the final Dream Weaver book, BREAKING NORMAL will be on sale for $2.99, AND both DREAM WEAVER & ROCK STAR are only $0.99 each. I don't price my books so low because I don't believe they're worth more. I price them this way to get them in as many hands as I can. I may not make a million this way, but people will start to know my name and the quality of books I release. So maybe the next one will sell a million!! Hey a girl can dream, right?


Keep your eyes out...that just sounds weird, doesn't it? I envision Blind Mag from Repo: The Genetic Opera as she plucks out her genetically perfect eyes that shoot out images while she sings....but I digress. Yes, so, keep an eye out for my new, old-fashion fairy tale inspired by Ellen Mae Franklin's The Unseen Promise. It's entitled Tears of Adamas, a tale of a young maiden who weeps diamonds, and the power of cruelty and compassion. Will post the link once it goes live. 
Here's the cover...


With everyone on vacation this summer, I haven't been posting as many indie author interviews. But I do have a great list of folks I'd like to introduce to you. Upcoming interviews include:


I'm not sure I asked Lorraine Adair yet. Oops! I'm sure she'll be on board with an interview. If not, I'm still going to tell you about her fantastic book Ambient Light. I've linked their names, so you can check them out beforehand. But we'll get lots of great info when their interviews are posted.


Thank you to those of you who checked out Dollar Photo Club from my last post. As an ambassador for the site, I receive $10 for each membership I send their way. And I got my next month's membership fees paid, thanks to you! If you didn't get the info on the club, I'll post the link here: Dollar Photo Club I'm not one to jump on board with just any associates program, so you have to know I truly LOVE this site! I am so pleased with my images...which you see on Rock Star, Breaking Normal & Tears of Adamas. Just fabulous images for just a buck!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you're taking advantage of these last few days of summer break before the kiddies return to school...if they haven't already. Personally, I'm sad to see summer leaving so soon. 

As Always...

Dare to Dream!


Sunday, August 10, 2014


Flowers for Mom's birthday!
 She's Ba-ack!
Well, that was a bit of a gap in posts! Sorry 'bout that. I'd fully intended to post a feature over a week ago about this great graphics site I discovered. But with all the prep for my daughter's cosplays for a local Con (KuroNekoCon & SpoCon), and the regular demands of life, I had to extend the launch of Breaking Normal by a week. Finally, I had to shut myself up in my room and insist on the time to finish the final edits and cover design. And, guess what? I actually made it! BREAKING NORMAL launched on August 6 (my mama's birthday!) I'll post pics of Sarah's cosplays at the end of the post. Let's get to this great site!

So, cover design is always a challenge for me. I hired an artist (not a cover designer but an actual artist) last time, for Dream Weaver. And he did a beautiful job with the cover. But it just wasn't in the cards to hire him again for subsequent books. This story gets a little long and cumbersome, so suffice it to say, that I tried several avenues that just didn't pan out. So I was back on my own to design an appealing cover. And some more blah blah blah...then I discovered Dollar Photo Club and fell in love! I spent hours on the site exploring the images in their libraries. And at just $1 per image, it was a no brainer for me. I signed up (for $10 per month for 10 images), and began saving images to my galleries. I ran into a couple of snaffoos (purely of my own making), but tech support was there quickly to assist me. But I'll let Dollar Photo Club's own rep tell you more about it.

Dinah, thanks so much for all the great support with you and your staff. And for working with me on this feature of your awesome site! Here's the scoop, right from Dinah and Dollar Photo Club.

Em's a bad ass in Breaking Normal. This image says it all!
$1 per Image
That’s the promise of Dollar Photo Club. As the name suggests, Dollar Photo Club cuts straight through every complex and expensive pricing model with one super simple offer - $1 per image. Always $1. Always high-resolution. Always royalty-free.

Perks of Being a Club Member
Devised to suit the most creative, passionate and serious stock image users or ad agency professionals, Dollar Photo Club is set to make a huge impact in the stock photography industry with an innovative and unrivaled pricing structure, massive image portfolio, and simple yet effective client membership plan.

Members can access the vast array of diversified local content; over 22 million premium images, with over 150,000 more added each week, as well as select benefits and offers from high-value partners.

I LOVE This Part!!!
One of the images used to update Rock Star
Additionally, another bonus of Dollar Photo Club is that downloads last forever - even when your membership is over! You can still use every download you’ve paid for, whether that is in one year or even 10 years.

Dollar Photo Club is the stock image bank set forth to completely revolutionize the means of sourcing and buying images. For more information head to www.dollarphotoclub or check out the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Leaving the cover design to the pros?
So you don't want to tackle the cover for your book. That's okay. The Club's images can be used on bookmarks, posters, rack cards, business cards, and promotional media as well as on your blog, website and social media. Whether you're a new indie author with all the responsibility on your shoulders, or a freelance cover designer in need of fresh images, this is the site for you. You can create galleries for your different projects; and the site offers free comp downloads to try out and make sure they will work with your project (these comps cannot be used in final product, they must be downloaded for the higher res image.) When you click on an image you like, it brings up a bigger image, as well as other images from that series, similar images and images with the same model. I've found all this to be so helpful. And there's more:
Emari's pup, Eddyson
Ambassador Program
You know how Amazon and other sites have an associates program? Well, it's kinda like that.  

You will earn $10 for every monthly membership you refer and $50 for VIP memberships
  • Start earning immediately
  • 1-minute sign up
  • Get paid every month via PayPal
  • Monitor sales in real-time
  • Unlimited earning potential!
Dollar Photo Club 

Just become a member. Follow this link: Dollar Photo Club, and get access to thousands of beautiful images. And using this link will help me as Dollar Photo Club Ambassador!

I just love this pic for some reason!
Considering for Anthology
In the running for Sunshine & Daisies!
Here's a few more of the images I've downloaded, so you can see the diversity. 

Thanks for stopping by today! It's been pretty hectic with kids out of school for summer, launching Breaking Normal and Con cosplay design. But most of it's been fun. Breaking Normal is doing well already, receiving 5 star reviews. The combo deal with both of the first two books for $1.49 will be available through August 15, 2014. And there's a Goodreads giveaway on Breaking Normal through the 31st. 

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Breaking Normal by Su Williams

Breaking Normal

by Su Williams

Giveaway ends August 31, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win
I hope all of you are having a grand summer and wish you all the best.

And as always....
Dare to Dream!

Sarah as Blind Mag, Repo...
PS...and here's the cosplay pics of my daughter Sarah as Nepeta from Homestuck, and Blind Mag from Repo: The Genetic Opera.
Sarah w new fave Stocking

Sarah with fellow Homestucks