Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Doing A New Thing!


Wow! It has been a LONG time since I posted anything here. So, to those of you who have been around, get ready for something new. For those of you just finding this place, get ready for something fun and inspiring.

Several years ago, when I decided I could write a book, I realized I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. Fast forward to the present and I still can't claim to be a professional on anything, but I do know a lot about a lot. What I don't know, I do know where to send you to find out. So (and you'll discover that 'so' is my favorite filler word), the plan is to share, inspire and amuse...essentially, to get your head in a space to create your masterpiece.

In this new format, you will find:
  • Inspirational quotes to encourage your writer's heart
  • Blog Features with links to some of the best writerly blogs on the net
  • Samples of my own writing, and maybe a few of yours, most that haven't been released to the public before
  • Fun and sometimes silly Burning Questions, just to pique your creative mind
  • Spill the Ink, writing prompts to jump start your writing
  • AND, since I'm a pathetic Walking Dead fan who has watched every episode (except that one) at least 6 times, every Saturday I'll post trivia questions and rhetorical thoughts about 'TV's Most Popular Show'

 So, welcome back everybody. I hope you enjoy the new and improved
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