"Dancing on the Edge"       
by Han Nolan

Nolan captures the tiny nuances of this girls life. Great journey into the recesses of a slightly touched mind.

"Living Dead Girl"   
by Elizabeth Scott
Wow! Dark, dark, dark. Incredible visual capture of the life of a girl held prisoner by a sinister man.

by Neal Shusterman
Mr. Shusterman is an amazing story teller. I love this conceptual twist. High anticipation for the next in the series.

by Neal Shusterman
Compelling and original take on the war between Pro-life and Pro-choice.

Dead to You
by Lisa McMann  
Probably my favorite contemporary author. Lisa knows just where to plunge in the knife and give it a twist for good measure. This book is haunting.

"Shiver", "Linger" and "Forever" (Trilogy) 
 by Maggie Stiefvater 
Beautiful and captivating stories. One of those it’s hard to put down, even for sleep. Ms. Stiefvater weaves beautifully poetic scenes and heart wrenching love stories.

"The Raven Boys"
by Maggie Stiefvater
Compelling story. The end left me a little confused.

 "Water For Elephants"
by Sara Gruen
(And yes, I was a purist. I read the book before I saw the movie.) Such a great story. I love the historical research the author had to do to give us such a vivid story.

"Vlad: The Last Confession"
by CC Humphreys
Though not a story about a vampire, Mr. Humphreys tells the story of Vlad Dracula in this captivating historical fiction novel. He did extensive research of the warlord and visited the land of Walachia where Vlad called home. Times were brutal in his day and he became the worst of the tyrants, yet at the end I found a heartfelt compassion for the man.

Humphreys has written several historical novels and is a regular at the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association Summer Conference.


  1. Vlad was actually a genius in his time. He used fear and intimidation to hold back the marauding hordes. His tactics are still studied to this day. They are a bit brutal, but no one can argue with their effectiveness.

  2. Kandy Kay, I highly recommend CC's book if you like historical fiction. Chris did A LOT of research and visited Walachia to make the book as accurate as possible. Personally, I've been an almost lifelong...uh, fan doesn't seem appropriate in this case...of Vlad Tepes and The Last Confession almost made me sympathetic to his life.