Thursday, February 14, 2013

Here's My Hand...How Can I Help?

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As seen in my previous post, I highlighted 8 other indie authors. In the process, I have found a couple of new friends and artists that I'm willing to lend my support to. I don't claim to be an expert at anything literary...though I've discovered I do pretty good at reviewing manuscripts. Honestly, I'm just learning the ropes like everybody else; reaching out in whatever direction to learn how SEO works and how to link to web addresses and how to write a decent query letter. But part of my desire when I started this blog was to reach out to others who might need a leg up. And if I can keep another writer from spending four years to get to the point of feeling like they can publish their work and be accepted by readers, I will have truly accomplished that goal.

I've chosen two new authors, who have become friends, and two already self-published authors. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to review two manuscripts in the last few months. The first, Angela Scott (who I keep trying to call Anne Rice), who has written a few books. The one I got to review is entitled 'Desert Rice'. A compelling and suspenseful read. Her other works include her 'Zombie West Series' (yes, it's zombies in the old west!), and another called 'Desert Flower.'

The second is a writer from 'Down Under', Cally Jackson, The Big Smoke. Despite having just debuted her own book AND giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Cally has been kind enough to stay in touch with me and share her journey and sales info with me. (Read an interview with Cally at a later date.)

Two of the new authors I've befriended are Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo (Pie: An Old Brown Horse) and Kimberly Brockman (Raven). Check out these indie authors and look for more here in the future.

I receive emails from various blogs and websites that post articles with tons of helpful info on navigating this road that many of us have chosen to take. One of the sites that sends me great info is Book Baby. And here's a great article that gives indies 20 places to promote their work.

If you have any website suggestions for book promo, please leave that info here and I'll make a link to it. If you own a site that promotes indie authors, also please leave your contact info so I can share it with readers.

Can't say thank you enough to all the beta readers, and other writers who have thrown their hat in the ring and shown their support.