Saturday, July 19, 2014


Regular visitors here to Dream Weaver Novels on Blogger know I feature other indie authors each week. This is usually the place for that; I only yack on about me on my website ( But, every once in a while, it's fun to update you on the goings on with my own books. And this week has been an exciting week for Dream Weaver Novels!

Back in March, I submitted Rock Star to the review site, Reader's Favorite. The site offers free and low cost reviews for indie authors, best-selling authors and celeb authors. Finally, I got my review back from them this week, and I couldn't be happier with the rating and the review! ROCK STAR received the coveted 5 STAR review; and the review encouraged me more than I can tell you. Here's a little bit of what the reviewer had to say: 
Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite
Rock Star is the second book in the Dream Weaver series by the talented Su Williams...
The writing style was unique and different...It was both captivating and something that I haven't really experienced lately...I love the kind of pseudo-scientific supernatural quality that Williams employs regarding the manipulation of memories. There was an Inception-esque quality to the story, but enough unique ideas and cool thoughts that made it really shine on its own...Williams' writing style is a lot stronger than many in the YA genre so this was quite the pleasure to read. 
Here's the link if you'd like to read the entire review of Rock Star.

Back in May, I entered both Dream Weaver and Rock Star in the Reader's Favorite International Book Awards. The finalists were supposed to be announced July 1st, however, they received so many entries that they extended it to July 15th. So, I was super-excited to check my email on Tuesday. I told myself, 'Now don't be too disappointed if you didn't make it. The competition is really stiff.' So when I didn't find the email in my inbox I tried not to let it bug me. But just on a whim, I checked my Spam box. And lo and behold! there was the email with the link to the finalist list. With bated breath I followed the link and scrolled down to 'Young Adult Paranormal'...and what should be there but DREAM WEAVER! second on the list of six or so books!!!! Now, it's just hurry up and wait until September when they announce the winners. AND...I also found out both books have been added to the movie consideration list with Wind Dancer Films!

With summer well underway, sales of both books have increased! It's not enough to retire on, but I cannot complain. And the final book of the Dream Weaver series, that is currently tentatively entitled Breaking Normal, is right on target for an end of July launch! It's in the hands of the beta readers at this point and the covers for both Rock Star and Breaking Normal are getting their polish on from Aussie friend Paul G Day. I'm posting the mock ups below, but don't count on it being the final product. 

I can't express enough how much it means to me that you've voiced your appreciation for my writing. And while my fan base is not astronomical, I cherish each of you who have read my books, left glowing reviews, posted and tweeted for me, and contacted me personally!!! You're the ones clamoring for more, and that has encouraged me more than anything. 

Thank you also to the 700+ members of Author's Social Media Support Group and dozens of other authors around the world that have networked with me and taught me so much, especially in the last year. The indie author community is one of the most supportive groups I've ever met; and I hope some day I'll get to meet a few of you that I've grown close to. Special thanks to: Khalid Muhammad for all things geek-speak; Christoph Fischer for always having an encouraging word and posting pics of the cutest darn puppies!; James Moser  for encouragement regarding the title of the final book and beta reading for me; Paul G Day for just being you and your help with the book covers; and Mark Wilson, also a beta reader and for helping me keep my head on straight in my last week's of panic in finishing this project. To Jenny Loveless, whose name does not represent you, and always being the one to keep things in perspective. Also to my family: Ben, Sarah, Josiah, Jack and Aundraic. And above everything, thank you to my beloved Mom & Dad, you're the best, my #1 supporters, and I love you dearly!!!

And thank you to all of you who stop by to say hi! I know I say that almost every post, but I really want you to know that it means a lot to me that you take the time to come and visit. Honestly, you could be out darning your socks or something, so I really appreciate it.

Barring any unforeseen issues, the final book will be released by July 31st! Keep your fingers crossed or pray or think happy thoughts. Whatever it is that you do to make the magic happen.
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