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OK! So now the business is over--let's get on to the fun part. Anyone who's been around here for a while will remember an interview I did with a young woman named Liz DeJesus. At the time, Liz's first book, First Frost had just come out. Now, exciting things are happening in the life of this word crafter that I wanted to share with you. So...let's move on to Liz's exciting news!

Liz, a lot has happened since you were featured on Dream Weaver Novels last. You had just released First Frost. Tell us what’s been going on since then.
I know! I still can’t believe it’s been that long. Things have been wonderful. Glass Frost was released on July 19th 2013 and has received fantastic reviews. I also have a short story that was in an anthology titled Someone Wicked (published through Smart Rhino Publications and features members of The Written Remains Writing Guild).

Very exciting stuff! Any advice for other indie authors?
Always read your contract before signing on the dotted line. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Learn how to use social media to promote yourself online, it’s an important tool to have in your arsenal. Don’t bash other authors, the only person looking bad is you. Be friendly and do your best to share other authors’ good news on your facebook page and twitter. Other authors will return the favor, trust me, it’s what has worked for me. 

And what do you have coming up?
I have a horror novel titled Morgan that will be released in the Summer of 2014 through Indie Gypsy Press. It’s sort of a love story between a werewolf and a centuries old vampire.

I’m working on book #3 of the Frost series (tentatively titled Shattered Frost) and I’m also working on my very first comic book series titled Zombie Ever After. This comic book will be published through Emerald Star Comics and the artwork will be done by Mik Jimenez and the colors are by Lynn Kranz.

I’m also in another anthology titled Latina Authors and Their Muses, it will be published by Twilight Times Books in March/April 2014. This was put together by Mayra Calvani and it will feature a lot of incredibly talented Latin authors. So I’m really looking forward to this little book’s release. 

What do you think has been your best promotional tool for your books?
Blog tours. Contacting reviewers and bloggers to read and review my books. I strongly believe that bloggers are an indie authors bread and butter. They’re the ones that take the time to read books and let all their followers know that your book even exists.

Any new/upcoming indie authors that have captured your attention?
Definitely Esther Wheelmaker (aka Elizabeth Kolodziej), she writes zombie steampunk novels. Her latest release is titled Gravely Inanimated. And J. Alex Blane, he writes African-American Romance/Suspense novels. His first novel is titled Where We Left Off, and he’s currently working on the sequel. I know them both personally and they are incredible people and amazingly talented authors.

If I understand right, you’re with a small publishing house. What do you think are the pros and cons of working them? And how did you connect with them?
You are correct. My Frost Series (First Frost and Glass Frost) are all published through Musa Publishing and I honestly can’t remember how I found them. I’m pretty sure I stumbled upon them through a writing forum, because they were brand new and people were asking questions about them. So curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check out their site and I liked what I saw. I’m glad I took a chance with them.

Indy Gypsy Press, has published two of my short stories in two different anthologies: Night Gypsy and Stories in the Key of Erotica (under the pen name of Isabelle Rose). I have known the owner for ten years and she invited me to be a part of both anthologies. She’s also publishing my upcoming horror novel Morgan.
And Emerald Star Comics was another publisher I discovered by poking around the internet looking for indie comic book publishers.

Pros: I love indie publishers! It’s like a small family. Everyone is working toward the same goal. It’s super friendly. I send emails and hear back from them right away. Higher royalties.

Cons: There’s a bit of a stigma against indie publishers. People assume that just because it’s a small publisher that it’s poor quality and it’s the furthest thing from the truth. The publishers I work with have cover designers, editors, interns, and people working to promote all of these books to the best of their ability.

Another con would be that we don’t have the same distribution as the bigger publishers do. My books won’t be on the shelves of every single brick and mortar store (unless I have a book signing or something like that).

But I wouldn’t change anything. Every single book that I’ve published is a step closer toward my goal of becoming a better writer. Every single book is a stepping stone and I’ve learned so much from every single editor that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. And now I get to add comic book author to my resume! That’s a dream come true for me.

Wow! Thanks for that great info. That is really helpful to indies considering a small publishing house. OK, so I know you’re a fan of Marissa Meyer! I think that’s how I discovered you, isn’t it? Who else do you enjoy reading? If you have time for reading.
I LOVE Marissa Meyer!! I’m still blown away that she even mentioned me in your interview. :D I read Cress when it came out on February 4th, took me two days to read it. LOL. I will read just about anything as long as it’s interesting. I read Splintered by A.G. Howard, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Jane by April Lindner, and I also enjoy anything by Jill Mansell.  My tastes in books are all over the map. LOL

I like to keep interviews fairly short and sweet, so I’ll end with this: If I gave you a Y shaped tree branch, an old leather shoe, and a discarded tire tube…what kind of story would you write?
Probably a fantasy novel about a boy that can travel 5 minutes into the past by jumping through the tire tube. He uses the old leather shoe to find his way back home and the Y shaped tree branch is a lie detector.

Perfect! Maybe you'll have to write another short story with that idea. Is there anything else you want readers to know?
I know some of you are waiting for Shattered Frost and I’m writing as fast as I can. It probably won’t be ready until next year but hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. 

Soooo Cool!
Where can readers stalk…I mean, find you?

Liz, thank so much for your time and visiting with us today. You've shared a lot of great info that may help some of the visitors to my blog. I wish you the best in all of the great adventures before you! Happy writing!

And thank you especially to all the visitors that took a minute to drop by! I truly appreciate each one of you. It's encouraging daily to see the Dream Weaver fan base growing.

As always...
Dare to Dream!

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Before We Begin...
I wanted to give a word of thanks to all the fans and friends of Dream Weaver Novels. Your support has put Dream Weaver and Rock Star in the #1 slot in several Listopia Lists, and the top 5 in several more. The Kindle Free Promo put Dream Weaver at #8 and Rock Star at #11 of free young adult paranormal/urban fantasy. Both Dream Weaver & Rock Star are only 99 cents right now, so please help me spread the word.

And Now.....

Diggin' the hair, babe!

Sarah Fae, tell readers about yourself, where you’re from and about your website.
Hi all! I’m Sarah Fae. I’m twenty-five years old, I’m a bit of a rock chick and I live in Newcastle, in England, UK with my two Bichon Frise dogs, Trixie and Teddy. I love music, reading, tattoos, my New Rock boots and anything a bit weird and wonderful.

I run everything to do with Fae Books is my blog. I blog about all sorts but the main theme of the blog is books and everything to do with them. I focus mainly on promoting authors, writers and their work. I do write a bit myself. I’ve a book that’s been awaiting final edits since last year, but my priority is and has always been to promote others first and foremost, so my own writing takes a back seat to enable me to do that.

The blog focuses mainly on works of Fiction in Fantasy/Paranormal/Horror but I do host books in other genres. Each blog booking is looked at on a case by case basis, so anyone can feel free to contact me, and you and your work will be viewed on an individual basis. Books are so diverse that it wouldn’t be fair to “judge a book by its cover” so to speak.

I love running giveaways along with book promo, I think it’s fun and rewarding for the readers that help to promote a book by sharing it and telling their friends about it.

Not only can you book a blog hosting, you can also book in with the Fae Books Revieweing Team to have your book considered for review by the ladies on my team.  I also began arranging book tours last year and will be aiming get back to that this year with my free introductory tours. If you’re interested in that, just join my mailing list and you’ll find out exactly when I’m taking bookings for those ( As part of the mailing list you’ll also find out when I’m open for sponsor sign ups on any new giveaways I’m organizing.

What makes Fae Books different?
Fae Books is  run purely for enjoyment on my part. It’s my way of coping with being in such poor health. I spend a lot of time indoors (I’ve recently learned to go back outside though after suffering with Agoraphobia and Socialphobia for years), so the blog is literally what keeps me going and I thoroughly enjoy it. The blog isn’t just covering one genre of books but takes on books from all sorts of genres and I’m always around to help anyone who feels I could be of some help to them.

What is the biggest/best thing an author can do make the most of your site?
You can arrange a blog booking, reviews both by myself and my team, advertise on the site, tours, giveaways. Just be sure to read the “blog bookings”, “review policy” and “booking reviews” pages thoroughly before you submit your requests for consideration.

Do you have plans for bigger, better things in the future?
I do. I intend to get back to arranging my tours. I took time out due to personal circumstances but I’m heading towards being able to do it again soon. I hope for the blog to keep growing as it has over the last year.

Why did you start Fae Books?
I began Fae Books because I was already an avid reader and I wanted some kind of other hobby that I could take enjoyment from and that would occupy my time. At the time I hadn’t left the house in almost a year due to Agoraphobia and Socialphobia, so the blog was my way of reaching out and making new friends, without having to physically see anybody. It was my connection to the outside world.

Are there any indie authors that have grasped your interest recently and why? (links to their website too!)
Yes, definitely.  You should check out:
Matthew D. Ryan -

Do you have any advice for writers?
My advice would honestly just be, stay true to yourself and your ideas. Don’t try to conform to “the norm”, because for me, it’s individuality that grasps my attention, and I’m sure many others. The likes of Tolkien didn’t try to be normal, he was himself, with his own ideas and his own style and that’s what made him stand out from the crowd.

One of your favorite quotes -
“I am what I am, and what I am I will always be” - Drasmyr by Matthew D. Ryan

List 3 books you just recently read and would recommend?
The Ghost Hunters - Neil Spring -
Awakening (Valkyrie Diaries #1) - K.A. Young -
Drasmyr - Matthew D. Ryan -

Anything else about you or your site you’d like readers to know?
We tend to book up months in advance, both for reviews and blog bookings, so it’s never too soon to get Fae Books on board. If you have an impending release or something you’d like me to know, just fire me an email anytime and I’ll be glad to help (FaeBooks7 AT gmail DOT com)

Where can your readers stalk you?
My facebook page:

Does your site also have a presence on Goodreads?
Yes, you can add me here: 

A Few Words from Me
I can tell you from experience that working with Sarah and her team is a wonderful experience. They are great supportive group of people to get connected with. I hope you'll all connect with Sarah and her team!  Hey Sarah! Put me on your tour list!!!

Thanks for stopping by Dream Weaver Novels. If you're interested in getting a copy of my books or you know someone who might enjoy them, now is a great time. Both Dream Weaver & Rock Star are only 99 cents right now. Hope you'll check it out! 

And as always...
Dare to Dream!