Saturday, May 16, 2015


Welcome back to Dream Weaver Novels on Blogger! As you might have noticed I'm doing something a little different, but still bringing you some great indie authors to read and love.  So hold on to your seats, cuz here we go!

Book Release Celebration!
Demoness Dreams
(Wytchfae #6)
By Flossie Benton Rogers

Blurb: Heaven or hell? Dream or nightmare? Where passion is concerned, the veils are thin.

As her Wytchfae powers intensify and nightmares invade her waking reality, Neva Jaxony seeks answers in the shadowy past. Then a mysterious stranger enters the picture, and she falls hard. Is he the man of her dreams or part of the darkness that threatens to consume her?

Acclaimed warrior Bane Heughar has orders to prove Neva is not dangerous-- or kill her before she can turn demon.  He never expected to find her so bewitching, or so damn desirable. He has until the Solstice Moon to carry out his mission. All he really wants to do is take Neva in his arms, kiss her senseless, and for the two of them to disappear off the radar. But when the Underworld is involved, no one can hide.

Logline: Desperate to escape her hellish nightmares, Neva Jaxony falls into the arms of rugged Bane Heughar. Is the mesmerizing man more dangerous than darkness itself?

First Line Teaser: Hell was the last place Bane Heughar wanted to visit.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Book Blitz with FaeBooks

Something a Little New...
Welcome to Dream Weaver Novels on Blogger! Normally, readers here get to read about a new author I've discovered, but this week I'm changing things up a bit and participating in a Release Blitz for John Paul Bernett's novel Atkinson's Apprentice sponsored by FaeBooks in the UK! So strap yourself in for the ride as I introduce...

Today is launching this NEW RELEASE blitz on behalf of author John Paul Bernett, whilst Mr Bernett launches his latest book IN-STORE at Whitby Book Shop during Whitby Goth Weekend in England, UK!

Introducing the very new indeed, 
Atkinson's Apprentice (#4 The Reaper Series)
By John Paul Bernett

Blurb: We travel forward six months as the dust from battle settles, and another turbulent time gives way to some much-needed tranquillity.
The Dark Realm had been put to the sword, and its inhabitants removed and turned into positive energy by Mother Nature.
In the other realm, Atkinson and Dewhirst were once again in total control of the Realm of Death, with John Smith proving to be a great choice as Reaper. Also, a feud between the gods of the other realm and the Goddess of Nature which had raged for countless millennia was over, and made for a more stable future for the planet.
Paul Johnson now had three golden scars on his chest, and a wedding to plan with his beloved Dixie.
Sarah and Gavin have their son Paladin on Atkinson’s team, as he begins to learn who he is and why he is to be a full-time resident on the Plane of Existence.
John Smith and Tom Harper are now firmly a couple who have burst onto the gay scene and are most definitely out of their respective closets.
As the disgraced Chief Inspector Crawshaw goes to trial, the police station has once again become the happy place it once was, as the now Chief Detective Superintendent Viktoria Malik had relocated to Paul Johnson’s old police station. Also, she and Linda Harper are moving in together, and their whirlwind romance is bringing talk of wedding bells.