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To begin this post, I'd like to thank all of you who have supported Dream Weaver on Kindle, (it remains on sale for $2.99 for the holidays and $10 for the paperback); voted for artist, Shawn Foote in the AUHORSdB Semi-Finals Cover Contest; and viewed and 'liked' the Dream Weaver book trailer. Your support means the world to me, and I thank you with all my heart!

Isn't she a cutey!
Now, for another first on
Dream Weaver Novels Blog:
Introducing Horror author Stevie Kopas
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Stevie, your email signature says you are an ‘Apocalypse Enthusiast.’ Tell readers a little about yourself and why you give yourself that handle.

Ah, good ol’ apocalypse enthusiast.  I sure am.  The reason I give myself that handle would probably be because I’ve been interested in the post apocalyptic genre since I was a child.  My dad was always a huge fan of PA films like Omega Man, Soylent Green and The Day After (not to be confused with The Day After Tomorrow…that was not very good lol), so I would watch the movies with him.  Then I got into video games and began reading PA fiction as well as playing and watching…so it’s just always been a big interest of mine.  I just have such a fascination with dystopian culture.

I love it! ‘Soylent Green is people!’ So glad I’m not the only one who remembers the classics like Omega Man, and Soylent Green. I remember watching those movies with mom and dad. But let’s talk about you. In 50 words or less, sell your book to the readers.

The Breadwinner is a post apocalyptic survival adventure that highlights the struggles of ordinary people during the zombie apocalypse, the choices they make and the people they become at the end of the world. 

Dang, you had 16 more words you could use. Nice pitch. So, what inspired you to write your book? And why did you chose horror as your genre?

Horror is my favorite genre of anything; books, movies, television, you name it.  Zombie fiction is such a subtle reflection of the world we live in, so I’m really into it.  The Breadwinner started as a short story and went on to become my first published novel.  It’s the first book in The Breadwinner Trilogy, and people have really great things to say about it.

Great reviews on Amazon, Stevie! Could you share a little excerpt of your book with us?

Sure!  The following excerpt is from Part 2 of The Breadwinner:

They had packed two bags, one for each of them with essential needs and nothing more.  They had barely spoken except agreeing or disagreeing on what needed to be taken.  There was no discussion to be had, they only had to follow their father’s directions, get out of the city, run like hell.  A flip had switched in Veronica and she felt as if she had suddenly aged 10 years.  She saw Isaac slip his phone into his pocket while packing up.  She almost said something but decided against it.  Who am I to take his hope away from him, she thought to herself has she zipped her backpack up, fighting back the urge to be angry at the world for taking hope away from her.  But she came to the realization that things would be like this from now on.  Bad things would happen and bad things would happen fast.  She wanted so badly to be the optimistic girl she had been just this morning, but this morning felt like it was light years away now.  There was a difference between being optimistic and being realistic, she knew that now.  She could hope for the best all she wanted, but if she didn’t think quickly and logically, she would end up like James.  She briefly wondered if her father was somewhere up in the great beyond, rejoined with her mother, waiting for her and Isaac to join them someday.  And then she remembered her life had never been, was not now, and would never be a fairy tale.

Wow, that really captures the feeling of despair. What book(s) would you recommend to your readers?

My favorite book is Swan Song by Robert McCammon.  I would recommend it to everyone.  Other books I thoroughly enjoyed were the Hater and Autumn series, both by David Moody.  The Eden series by Tony Monchinski is also very good.

So, are there any new authors that have caught your interest?

I have been in contact with a great gal named Shana, aka The Bookie Monster.  She reviews authors in the horror/zombie genre and really does a wonderful job of helping them promote their work.  She is also a writer herself and I’d recommend any author in my genre to seek her out for reviews!  One of the authors The Bookie Monster recently reviewed was Jacqueline Druga.  I’d never heard of her before, but Shana had very great things to say so I’m definitely going to be diving into her work pretty soon.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on Haven, the second book in The Breadwinner Trilogy.  I’m hoping (with an appropriate life/work balance lol) that I’ll be able to release Haven in February of 2014.  I’m really excited to publish and can’t wait for people to read it.

Just for fun… If I gave you three items, a stone, a marble and a feather, what type of book would you write and how would those objects feature? Even come up with a title if you like.

This is a very interesting question and I love it.  I would probably call the book “Material Entity” and it would be Sci-Fi, probably about three people, scattered across the world in different locations who don’t know they’re part of an alien race that placed them within our society and have the keys (stone, marble, feather) to save the human race.  (Hey, nobody steal my idea, lol.)

Now that readers have been lured from safety, where can they find you to make them scream?

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Finally, what one thing could readers do to support you…aside from buying your book?

Of course, aside from buying The Breadwinner, I would ask readers to really support indie authors.  Independent authors work extremely hard at promoting themselves and their work, and a lot of people try to take advantage of that.  I’ve heard from different sources that readers prefer to purchase from big name sites rather than small indie publishing sites like Smashwords because they “don’t trust them”.  But truth be told, without websites like Smashwords, small indie authors like myself would not have the capability of getting their work out there on their own!  Just because someone is not traditionally published, doesn’t mean they aren’t great at what they do.  Indie writers are entrepreneurs!  There is a lot of amazing unknown stuff out there.

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Stevie, thanks so much for stopping by for a visit and being the first 'horror' interview on Dream Weaver Novels Blog.

Thanks everybody for stopping by, and again, for your support! 
And as always,
Dare to Dream!

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