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Dream Weaver by Su Williams

Okay, this was a very intriguing story. It's about a teenage girl who goes through some really rough times. Because of those rough times she begins having nightmares, and that's where the fun begins. The story isn't really about her nightmares though. It's about a paranormal being whom she comes across and their adventure together as she tries to distinguish her constant nightmares. If you liked Twilight you will also like this. It was a very fun read and I cannot wait for a sexual (teehee! she meant sequel..don't you LOVE autocorrect?!) to come out. I highly recommend this book. Very good writing and super creative storyline.
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This is a favorite! It's from author Susanne Lakin!
A Fresh, Imaginative Story! 
What a refreshing change from all the vampire and zombie books! Williams uses evocative, beautiful language to create a wholly fresh paranormal world of dream weavers, with characters who are riveting and passionate. It so so nice to find a novel that give s a well-written, quality story without being derivative or stereotypic.You will be instantly drawn into her plot and entangle in this web of mystery and suspense and romance.
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A can't miss series and a can't miss book! 
This book is absolutely amazing! It combines just the right mix of fantasy and reality. Such Williams has written a story that is totally engrossing and has a well developed plot. This is the first is what is definitely an awesome series.
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

If I could only use one word to describe Dream Weaver by Su Williams it would be SUPERB. Luckily I get to use more than one. Dream Weaver is an unusual tale, part fantasy, part paranormal, part romance, part horror and part supernatural. When you roll all those genres into one you have a book you can’t put down. I started reading this book yesterday afternoon and finished it around 3 this morning. I’m usually a very fast reader but I found I wanted to read slowly to savor the exquisite moments of pleasure this book offers.

Emari Jewel Sweet is a seventeen-year-old orphan, and an emancipated young woman. She has faced a lot in her young life: the death of both parents, a stalker, and brutal rape. For many years someone has been watching over her. I suppose you could call him her special angel. Nickolas has tried to ease the nightmares and her pain; he’s done the unthinkable and fallen in love with her. Nickolas is a Caphar, a descendant of the Nephilim. The Caphar have special gifts and use them for good. But there are other descendants called the Rephaim. They also have special gifts but they follow the fallen angel, they crave power and they will do anything to get it. Nickolas is a Dream Weaver: he can manipulate the mind through dreams, and he can ease nightmares, clear one’s mind, and cause one to forget.

Dream Weaver is Su Williams' first novel. I certainly hope it is not her last. Dream Weaver could easily be expanded into a whole series of books. The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, leading me to believe she has more books in mind. I’ve always been curious about the Nephilim and love the idea of an expanded series of books on the topic, even if it is all fiction. This is a series fans of fantasy will not want to miss.
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Cover: Dream Weaver's cover is very cool in the color scheme. It tingles the imagination with the anticipation and wonder that the eyes glaring at the reader bring. Beautiful cover.

My Thoughts: Dream Weaver is a great beginning to a very well written story that captures the readers with the authors voice and majestic descriptions. You can feel the emotions as the story flows yet it can be quit sad and for a young adult book it needs a bit more happiness so that it doesn't leave the reader so down they do not want to read the next in line. Dream weaver has a very lovable cast and amazing world, looking forward to book 2.
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SPELLBINDING, March 20, 2013 - 5.0 out of 5 stars

this is a must read novel for anyone who enjoys reading about suspense, mystery and the dreamworld. each chapter prompts the reader on, to find what happens next.
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 OMG! I LOVED IT!, August 20, 2013 - 5.0 out of 5 stars

I loved this book it was fun to read I could'nt put it down. It keeps you on your toes wanting to no whats going to happen next. I couldn't wait to tell all my friends about It. Waithing on book #2 to come out!
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I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN, April 30, 2013 - 5.0 out of 5 stars

dream weaver.. the book is amazing. once i started reading it i could not put it down.. anytime i had to stop reading it left me wanting more and i found myself excited to be able to finish reading it... i cant wait for the next book to come out. it is very well written and gets you caught up in it fast. Su Williams is now one of my favorite authors of all time. i highly recommend everyone to read it.


4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent first outing...., April 2, 2013
This review is from: Dream Weaver (Dream Weaver Novels) (Volume 1) (Paperback)
Dream Weaver is a story told from the perspective of 17-year old Emari. The language with which Williams writes is often beautiful and poetic and conveys the dream concept well. There are rare times where the story gets to be a bit much. Nick, an immortal dream weaver, is a little too wonderful. Overall, Williams characterizations are strong and realistic and the tragedy that Emari suffers and her thoughts of hurting herself are written in a way that simply tears at the heart-strings. Emari is someone the author knows and loves. I personally found Sabre, also a dream weaver and not as perfect as Nick, one of the more interesting characters. As often happens within a series, the first is the weakest novel and if "Dream Weaver" is the weakest novel Williams has in her, she has a strong and bright future ahead.

I gave this novel four stars because I found the interaction between Nick and Emari to be a little much at times.

Would I give this book to my 11-year-old daughter? No. I enjoyed it but think its perhaps, thematically, geared toward the teen market who will find this novel very interesting and could probably identify with the very well characterized, Emari.

Special mention for the beautiful cover which conveys the tone of the book perfectlyRating: 4 out of 5 stars

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
If you are into dark science fiction meets YA romance with a little tragic style relationships, this book is for you.
Ms. Williams draws you into a world of the impossible with poetic lyrics that dare you to put her book down.
What I liked:
Dream Weaver is a YA meets Dark Science Fiction story of Emari, a 17 year old girl in which some very hard and dark times befall her.
This, at times almost poetic writer, digs deep in your emotions as she weaves the dark tale of how Emari comes to meets Nick, a Dream Weaver.
The story was very suspenseful and entertaining, which kept me coming back to finish the book quickly.
I would love to read book #2.

What I didn't like:
The tragic and at times depressing story winds into such deep thoughts, at time I needed to step away to my happy reality.
The emotions in which the story continues will either tug at your heart strings or become overbearing.
The character interaction was at times unbelievable and the story seemed to drag a little in Emari's depressed state.
The author pulls in an almost Edward (Twilight) feel with her character Nick, which you will either love or hate.

Why I gave a 4 star review:

First, let me say that the story did truly entertain me. However, It did lose a star with the lack of "happy" I felt overall for the story.


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                Incorporeal I drift, camouflaged against the shimmering snow, no more than a sparkling flurry in the wind, dancing just on the precipice of light shielding me from her--and them. I am her aegis, her defense from the darkness that presses in on her from without, evil cloaked from her eyes. I feel her inner darkness’ pull on her; hear it call her name.
                Vivid images whose birth I cannot fathom--whether from within her heart, or tailored for her torment--still, after all these months accost her sleep and crush her soul. Yet, her screams tear the night and my heart less often than before. Surely, she is strong enough to endure some terror; no lifetime is without it. Such a gentle soul so tethered and weighted by so much loss, so much grief. I have mended what I can of her damaged mind without wholly purging her memories. At least I can dull her pain, callous her tender heart.
                I know the unwritten code: ‘There are mortals, and there are immortals, and never the twain shall meet.’ Still, I find myself here, hovering on the fringe of the woods just outside the halo of light that wreathes her home. And they haunt the darkness, hidden within the shadows. I sense them, though not how near. I shudder at the consequences if they discover my presence. They would kill her, or at the very least brutalize her--just because they are able, just for my torment, the fresh nightmare of her torture a delicacy on their lips as they devour my memory.
                They are changing, such aberrant evolutions we have found in their kind of late. Creatures so like us, spoken from the same heavenly breath, yet worlds apart. Their sustenance makes them monsters, even evil. They grow stronger pillaging the gifts of our kind and using them as their own and leave us worse than dead. For this cause, I feel powerless, mortal.
                She knows nothing of my world, few mortals do, and it is only because of a promise and her safety that I enter hers. I vowed to protect her at any cost, with my life if necessary. And something of her draws me in, her heart to mine. It wakens an ache, a passion that long ago I laid to rest, deep beneath the sodden earth, entombed in company of my mortal life.
                My heart aches with indecision. Should I go to her, risk her life perhaps to save it, or leave her be to strengthen from the terror?

CHAPTER 1 Going Under 

                 Night terrors stalk my sleep and haunt me through each day. I am never free. Macabre phantoms, twisted metal, flames and the sound of my parent’s screams, their cries for salvation. And I would give it--if I could, were the realm in which I live and the terrors in which they died equal.
                In time, my gasps for air and life abated. I learned to live without the press of suffocation on my lungs. At the least I was treading water with some hope of survival. But monsters strike even in the shallows, even when you’re feet from shore and almost standing on solid ground.
                The subtle bumps of a predator, like a shark in the deep, reawakened the terrors. And I lived in fear of the jaws ripping through me and dragging me under, lost again to the darkness of terror. The darkness that has nothing to do with light or sleep.
                I am Emari Sweet, sole survivor of a crash I was never in. The crash that claimed the lives of my beloved parents Zecharias and Jane Sweet. The crash that left me orphaned at 17. The crash I foresaw in the eyes of the State Trooper before the words formed on his tongue. Cold and hard, the words turned my blood to hardened steel and eviscerated me. My soul twisted and shredded.
                I lived with the terrors for many weeks after that. My best girl, Ivy, kept my body functioning, the basics for sustenance of life. She kept me Earthbound and alive when I’d rather have been neither. She guided me through an icy summer that tumbled into autumn like the leaves off a tree.
                Adrian Rovnikov, my father’s best friend, my shrink since the crash, brought me drugs--antidepressants. But they are only safe in the right hands. In mine, they are death. So, before I caused irreparable harm, the pills went the way of dead fish.
                Dreams of an angel with eyes of obsidian wound their way through the darkness until they finally displaced the terrors. His gentle hand calmed my writhing body, drew out the poison of the chimera, and guided me back to life. The dark-eyed angel faded as my darkness dawned into light. Yet, even when the terrors diminished, the torment hovered nearby, stalking my sanity, prepared to strike at any show of weakness.
                Winter’s chill cast a mantle of white over Spokane. Trees wore shimmering nacreous cloaks that rivaled the grandeur of their summer dress greens and fall’s autumnal oranges, reds and yellows. The city lay calm and peaceful under winter’s frigid embrace and my heart still ached under the frost of grief. I hid it from all but the most discerning eyes.
                The tumble of seasons brought more than cold; the real monster lurked in dark corners and phoned me at work, promised me pain and fear.

*              *              *

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