Saturday, November 29, 2014

Darkness Falls on Dream Weaver Novels

Hi all. Normally, I have a chipper note or a fun interview for you. And I know that a lot of you who check in here are true fans of my books. Out of all my characters, the one with the most fan response has been the little beagle pup, Eddyson. 
So, it is with a heavy heart that I share this sad news with family, friends and fans of Dream Weaver Novels. The beagle pup in the books, Eddyson, was largely based on my own sweet boy Dyson. Eddy and Dyson (notice the overlap of their names) kind of grew up together and I tried to weave the antics of the real pup into the fictional one.
All that said to say this: I posted on Facebook several weeks ago that Dyson was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. We dosed him with prednisone twice a day, and originally, the meds worked and reduced the size of the lymph nodes in his neck. Unfortunately, the steroids aren't a cure and even chemo in dogs is not a guarantee. The nodes again began to swell, and it became obvious the boy was in pain. I promised him when he was diagnosed that I would not let him suffer, no matter how much it broke my heart. So after a rough sleepless night for both of us, I decided I had to be brave and keep my promise to my puppa love. The vet confirmed I'd made the right decision, and five minutes later my beautiful boy rested his head on his paws, breathed his last, and grew incredibly still. It was so fast. The vet allowed us to stay with him, love on him, anoint his coat with our tears and whisper all the precious words he already knew.
**I love you puppadoo. And I miss you already. Thank you for saving me.**

As always...Dare to Dream!

Friday, November 21, 2014


Cue Jeopardy Music...
Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo doo....OK so I'm just being a little silly. But don't we all sometimes need a little silliness in our day to cut through the boredom or anxiety? Even the Bible tells us "A merry heart does good like a medicine." Don't believe in God or the Bible? How about "Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." (Victor Hugo) Or "A day without laughter is a day wasted." (Charlie Chaplin) So laugh away!
I Know Why You're Here
After recoloration, this was the base image for Rock Star
I know most of you who drop by are here to read about a new indie author and their books. And occasionally I give you the run down on a great site I found for indie authors - like I featured today's site once before, but I'm so pleased with them, I had to give them another shout out. Of course, the site is Dollar Photo Club. I joined the Club about three months ago. After a week, I signed up to be an ambassador for them. After two weeks, I did a full feature on their site. So yes, I do absolutely love Dollar Photo Club. But rather than blathering on about them, I thought I'd just show you the awesome images I've downloaded from their site, and tell you where I've used them. So here goes....
Recolored & used over Rock Star image

Used in Facebook posts & Tweets

I used two different art programs to recolor and change the opacity of the images so they would fit into the Dream Weaver brand. I have to chuckle a little. I got a message from someone on Twitter, asking me why I had to use 'demonic' imagery in my tweets. Um...huh? Do you think the image above of the skull is demonic? I just thought it was a cool rock n roll image. Went great with my character and the story.
This one was cropped and used on Breaking Normal
Em's original bad-assery on the Breaking Normal cover
For a little game I like to play called Flash Reviews
I know, a little out of character for me. For Sunshine & Daisies
Top Notch
As you can see, the images are diverse and all very high quality. And their name means exactly what it says: Dollar Photo Club. When you join for $10/month, you get 10 downloads. And even if you don't use your downloads each month, you still get to keep them. As well, if you decide it's just not in your budget anymore but you still have downloads, they will still let you use your downloads. Pretty cool huh?

Down To The Brass Tax
I have never been one to jump on a bandwagon and blather on about a bunch of different places, people and things. But when I do find a site that I am thoroughly impressed with, I have to shout it from the mountain tops. And Dollar is one of those sites. 

So if you're an indie author, a book cover designer, or just want to spice up your social media with professional and totally cool images, I encourage you to check out Dollar Photo Club.

I hope you're all having a wondermous day! Coming soon...Miss Lorraine Adair!
As always...
Dare to Dream!

Monday, November 17, 2014


We interrupt the regularly scheduled interviews, for this brief announcement! 

I know quite a few of my regular readers have already gotten copies of my Dream Weaver Novels. But just in case you're new here, or haven't had the chance to get copies, I have a FREE promo going thru Nov. 18. Here's the info:  
Dream Weaver Novels is offering the first two books in the Dream Weaver Series, Dream Weaver (now an International Book Award WINNER!) & Rock Star, for FREE November 14-18. AND… the full trilogy, all 3 books in one, is also FREE!
Vampires sparkled through the spotlight. Then the zombies shambled through. Now it’s time for a new paranormal. The Dream Weaver Trilogy is a dark romance, action/adventure thriller and survival story of mind-benders and mind-jackers; a dark science fiction meets YA romance with a little tragic style. An absolute must read! A deep and wild, dark novel!



Here's a little more info too, if you need it:
Nickolas Benedetti is a Dream Weaver - an ancient, arcane and almost immortal race, descended from angels, with the power to command memories and dreams. Nick plunges heart-first into Emari Sweet's tragedy-torn life to rescue her from the night terrors that stalk her after the death of her parents and brutal assault. But, can he save her from the living, breathing nightmares that have followed him to her doorstep? 
In ROCK STAR Emari lives the dream of being a rock star in an elaborate memory weave created by Dream Weaver Sabre James; and faces her own mortality at the hands of Sabre's longtime nemesis bent on vengeance for the death of his beloved sister. Immortality and magic unearth treasures and secrets that some would rather keep buried. And the biggest secret of all could destroy everything.


In BREAKING NORMAL, Does 'normal' even exist for Emari Sweet anymore? Normal is all she's wanted since the death of her parents, but with the Wraith, Thomas, out for her blood, and the betrayal of Nick, Em doesn't see normal returning any time soon. Will her relationship with Nick survive? And will any of them survive the destruction of the malevolent Nightmare Wraith? 

Check back next week for my interview with the phenomenal Miss Lorraine Adair. Her first novel, Ambient Light is so good, you won't believe it's a first novel. Yeah, that good!

So, please help share this news and I'll chat with ya'all very soon!
And as always...
Dare to Dream!