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Is Your Book Listed On eReader Recon?

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! all who come to visit DREAM WEAVER NOVELS on Blogger! I hope the season finds you all well. Dream Weaver continues to be on sale on Amazon for the holidays. And the voting for the AuthorsdB Cover Art Semi Finals will only be only be open 2 more day, ends Dec. 15. So, if you haven't voted, please go on and do so now and show your support of Dream Weaver and artist Shawn Foote.

Now, I'd like to introduce a gentleman I happened across on Facebook. He messaged me about listing my books on his site. Of course, I was curious, so I went on his site and liked what I found. So, I wanted to feature Dennis Larsen and his author promo site eReader Recon.

Dennis, I am sure readers would love to know more about your website, eReader Recon. Tell us about it.
I published my first novel about a year ago and looked for opportunities to promote my work and connect with readers.  It seemed there were roadblocks at every turn; the most common being, not enough reviews or ratings.  As you well know, those don’t come easy and certainly don’t come without some exposure.  When I published my second novel I thought it was time to create something designed for new authors with new release titles.  My site,, is the result of that first inkling.  I offer the service for free, which includes a detailed posting on the site with retail links, a posting on the sister site,, and occasionally a posting on my blog or Tweet.

The site has been operational for only 5 months and has grown quickly.  Last month we had 26,000 hits and over 700 visits.  I do the design and updating on my own.
Nice! How many people are participating so far?
I currently have 80 different author’s using the service with about 100 titles.
That's a decent start! How do you promote your site and your authors?
I’ve done no paid advertising of the site.  Most of the promotion is through social media and word of mouth.  Facebook and Twitter have been helpful, as well as sites like MARSocial, Author Alliance, AuthorsDB and others. In addition to the methods above I use to promote books and authors, I also feature a separate title and/or author every few days with a prominent spot on the homepage and extra blog postings and tweets.
Wow! It's nice for writers to have someone like you in their corner. Anything else you want readers to know about your site?
Spreading the word is critical if you want to support Indie Authors.  I hope to continue to keep the site free and I am rewarded when an author contacts me with a note about an increase in sales or just excited about having others see their book.
You're not just a business man, you're also an author. Tell us about your books.
I’m a partner in two very busy optometric practices and still work five days a week helping people with their vision. For now, books and my writing are a passion but I have to keep the time devoted to both in check. I love to create and always have. Over the years I’ve developed board games, computer games and, in fact, my doctoral thesis was a computer program I designed and wrote that trained a child’s eye movement. Writing has always been an interest but only in the past few years have I found the time to really immerse myself in the art.

My books run a common theme of putting normal, everyday people in very stressed, life-altering circumstances. With Cruel Intent, a romantic crime thriller, places Blanche Delaney, a librarian, in the middle of a crime wave with a trio of men interested in her many assets.  I’m currently working on a new edit of this title for a Second Edition release.  The Living Hunger is a post-apocalyptic title featuring many characters from my lifetime.  My father is the main character, Farrell.  I wrote this book as a way of remembering the type of man he was and some of the things he said and did throughout his lifetime.  I have enjoyed readers being able to recognize family members or people they know in the ‘fictional’ characters.  Many of the events featured in the novel are true, just pitched in a different time and under different circumstances.
I know! Gross but FUNNY!

My most recent project is a pandemic series based in Canada, where I now reside, but I am originally
from Utah and went to school in Oregon.  I also put some medical spin into my stories, which are factually based, so there will be no traditional zombies but I like the idea of keeping a story as close to realism as possible while still keeping the action exciting and on-the-edge.  I wrote this periodical with four female leads, hoping to improve my feminine perspective.  The Raven Falconer Chronicles: Operation Z-Day, has been so much fun to write.

That sounds awesome! I also try to keep the 'realism' in my writing, and some of my characters are based on real people. The stories my protagonist, Emari Sweet gets about her father are loosely based on real life adventures of my own dad as a kid. He keeps me historically accurate.  

I always like to know who a writer's all time favorite authors are and why?

I read all of Stephen Hunter’s novels.  I identify with the characters and enjoy following a single main character through multiple story lines. My second author would have to be Stephen Ambrose. I’m a war history buff and enjoy the emotional and intimate way he brings a true story to life.
Any intriguing indie authors that have captured your attention?
I hate to single any one author out.  I have met so many hundreds of authors over the past year and tried to read as much of their work as I can.  Some are brilliant, with the ability to be great, if given the chance to get their work in front of enough readers.  I strive to help them attain this, as well as getting my work out there too.
What are your plans for the future for both your writing and your website?
I’ll keep plugging along with the website, adding a few books and authors a day.  I probably won’t be able to handle much more of a pace until I can cut back on my paying profession.  I’m currently writing books two in both The Living Hunger series and the Raven Falconer Chronicles.  I hope to release Day of the Huskers (Raven #2) by the end of this December.
Just for fun: If I gave you a feather, a mirror, and a pearl...what kind of story would you write and what would you call it?
I’d write a murder mystery centered aboard a cruise ship with an intentional, tragic outbreak of a rare strain of avian influenza.  A working title might be “Pearl of the Pacific."

Oooooo! You may have to write that one!

I hope readers have enjoyed meeting Dennis Larsen and all of you writerly types will pay him a visit and get your books listed on eReader Recon.

Again, a very happy holiday season to you all. May your season be blessed and you always remember the joy and love in each gift given.

And as always....
Dare to Dream!

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