I know you're out there. Not just the usual fan. But an ULTIMATE, overboard, slavering and crazed fan. A fan so rabid, you might be mistaken for one of those Walking Dead walkers you love so much. Well, if that's not you, I make up for at least six of you. So let's talk about it. Traumatized by the latest episode? Me too. Let's chat. Think you know what the '22' pendant on Shane's necklace means? (You do?!? Tell me, cuz I don't know that one.) I've gathered an extensive list of trivia questions and comments on the 'most watched show on TV.' So check back every Saturday for the WALKING DEAD ULTIMATE FAN TRIVIA!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Welcome back, y'all! How did you do on last week's questions? Well, it was a reach back to the dark ages. Here are the answers:
Yup! This is 'Deadliest' Dillinger
1. The time on the hospital room clock when Rick wakes up from his coma was 2:16:32 (AM or PM)
2. Rick lights 3 matches on the hospital stairs as he's trying to get out of the hospital.
3. When Morgan asks Rick about his gunshot wound (Duane says he's a bank robber), Rick jokes that he's 'Deadliest Dillinger' and ends with the embellishment 'ka-pow!'

So for this week, let's begin with a little trivia. 
Did you know that Norman Reedus actually auditioned for the role of Merle, but the director type folks liked him so much that they created the role of Daryl Dixon especially for him? That's impressive!

OK, questions...back to Season 1 Episode 1 - Days Gone By:

1. Why is Rick convinced that Lori and Carl are still alive?

2. When Rick goes back to the park to kill the half walker, what does he say to her?

3. When Shane and Lori are in the tent arguing about putting up signs to warn people away from Atlanta, Shane keeps telling her to tell him 'okay.' What does she say in response to him?

Alright! I'd love your input. Would you prefer to start with questions from more recent shows, or continue from the beginning? Leave me your response in the comments here or on the Facebook or Twitter post you followed to get here.

Any comments about last week's episode? The Slice-Capades were a-ma-zing! Reminded me of the night scene on the way to Alexandria when Rick, Michonne, Erin and Glenn (*sniffle sniffle*) plow through the horde on the highway. Any thoughts on what's to come? Who do you think will take Negan out? I hope it's brutal whoever it is. And SOON! Though I hear Jeffrey Dean Morgan is contracted for a couple seasons. Geez, I hope not. He does his job too well. I literally had panic attacks whenever he showed up in the next couple of episodes after...that one episode that I will only ever watch that one time. Never again.

I hope you have a great week. Don't forget! The Walking Dead shows tomorrow, Sunday on AMC at 9 PM. Don't forget to watch or record it!

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 Past Post: Saturday, February 11, 2017

OK Folks! Here we go. Since the Walking Dead mid-season premiere is tomorrow, Feb. 12, 2017, I figured this would be a great day to start the trivia questions. Now, I'm still experiencing a few technical issues with the blog, so please bare with me just for a little while.
Ready? Let's go!
We are reaching way back to the very beginning of the series, Episode 1:1 Days Gone By, for these questions.
1. What was the time on the hospital room clock when Rick wakes up from his coma?
2. How many matches does Rick light on the hospital stairs as he's trying to get out of the hospital?
3. When Morgan asks Rick about his gunshot wound (Duane says he's a bank robber), who does Rick joke that he is?
OK, that's it for this week. Let me know if these are too easy...or too hard. I'd love to hear your comments, suggestions and input. I know there are more crazed TWD fans out there, so let's have a little fun with this.
REMEMBER The Walking Dead Season 7 Mid-Season Premiere shows at 9PM Sunday (tomorrow) on AMC! And stay tuned for Talking Dead at 10 with Chris Hardwick.

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