Sunday, November 24, 2013


DREAM WEAVER is in the semi-finals of AUTHORSdB cover contest! I could use everyone's support to get the artwork by Shawn Foote the accolades it deserves. Please vote today & help me spread the word. AND...AuthorsdB is now accepting entries for the 2014 cover contest!

Proving My Dorkitude!
The first book trailer I saw was for Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver. I had no idea back then that they did trailers for books. So, dork that I am, I thought the author had landed a movie deal. Well, it could happen! Amazing books make amazing movies. And just to prove my dorkitude, when I queried my own story to the agent that reps Maggie, I congratulated her on her author's movie deal. Ugha! No wonder she didn't want to represent me.

Meet Sarah Buchynski
Well, now that Dream Weaver is available on Amazon, I figured it was high time to make the jump into modern book promotion. I found I couldn't use Gary Wright's Dream Weaver song because I'd have to pay a fee...and they ain't cheap. So as much as I love the song, I had to find someone to create a song for me. Enter Sarah Buchynski. Audio engineer major with entertainment business, and recording studio intern, now also working freelance. Sarah and I worked together for several days to knock together a piece of music reminiscent to the original but completely original on its own.

Your Girl?
I know Sarah is interested in composing music for others, so if you're in need of trailer music or want to be one of those really obnoxious website owners that likes to force people to listen your music while they peruse your site, Sarah Buchynski is your girl.

Something New from Su
I'd also like to let readers know that I'm available for manuscript proofreading at a minimal rate of 20 cents per page (a minimum of 10 pages) and book trailers/covers starting at $25. I am not a professional editor by any means so I won't charge the rates they do. But author Sam Whitehouse from the UK was so pleased with my work that he dedicated his second novel to me. As an indie author, I know finding someone who can help you make your story stronger is not an affordable option for most. And finding the time it takes to pull together a book trailer/cover can be daunting. I have thousands of custom photo images to build your story. If you're interested in starting a conversation about your project, please email me at

Thank you all for your time and support of Dream Weaver. The book is ranking nicely on Amazon and I can not complain about the sales.

And as always...
Dare to Dream!

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