Sunday, January 13, 2013


I have spent the last four years learning as much as I can about writing and the literary world. I've attended three PNWA conferences where I've made fabulous connections with amazing people who love to write as much as I do. And with those connections I've created a network of people to link with, to support and get support. I literally knew NOTHING about the literary world; nothing about pitching to an agent, what an agent was for, how to write a synopsis or query letter. See? I told you I was clueless. I thought about calling my blog something like 'Virgin Writer' but my husband said I might attract some...interesting (in a bad way) people.

In my adventures into the literary world, I have been fortunate to meet some great people...if only online. I got to review books for Jason Black (Pebblehoof) who is also a great book doctor, if anyone needs one; and Angela Scott (Desert Rice). And I discovered, I'm not too shabby at editing other people's content. My most recent review was for Cally Jackson (The Big Smoke). Despite being mondo pregnant and ready to pop at any time, Cally has been sweet enough to answer all of my questions on self-publishing and cover design on CreateSpace.

There are thousands of writing, writers, and literature sites out there in cyberspace to connect to, and so much information we can glean from each one. My newest favorite is Arthur Crandon's blog, Writing Matters. I like his humor. This week I've spent a lot of time on the Book Baby blog learning more about SEO Search Engine Optimization, and that writer's should spend 70% of their writing time actually writing and 30% on promotion.

 Many thanks to all of you who visit. Please feel free to subscribe and get my posts via email, or leave a comment. As we all connect together we can support one another in getting our work into the hands of the people who want it...readers. Check back here often to see the updates on Dream Weaver Novels. Tentatively planning a mid-March cover reveal of the official cover and a mid-April release of the book in soft cover and ebook format. Check on GoodReads soon for a book giveaway. I'll let you know here when I get that under way.

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