Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Power of Sevens

To this date: Dream Weaver has received six 5-star ratings with five glowing reviews. Thanks everybody! The Dream Weaver Giveaway on Goodreads has 279 requests and 127 people have placed it on their 'To Read' shelf.

Tag! You're it!
I've recently created my 'Author's Page' on GoodReads, and joined a group, 'Self-Publish and Indie-Authors, Promote Yourself Here!'  One of the Authors shared a great way to get the word out about your book and your blog. I tag this Author in my blog and ask 7 others to join the fun.(I found 3 new Authors to follow!) Then I post seven lines, starting at the seventh line on the seventh or 77 page of my book. And list links to the original Author and the 7 new Authors to their blogs. Sound a little confusing? I was confused. But that's not hard to do sometimes. It's not as complicated as it sounds...the tagging thing, not the confusing me thing. So here goes my attempt to follow directions.

The Author who posted this challenge was Dawn Husted. She's working on a post-apocalyptic/sci-fi story called 'diVINE Order'. Check out her 7 lines, as well as other works she has on her blog.

So Here Goes! Seven Lines from Dream Weaver!
                 “I see you,” the voice purred gruffly. I envisioned a lion crouched in tall grass. Rigid, poised for attack. His words were soft and succinct, as though masking something from me, but the smooth lacquered surface didn’t camouflage the menace that roiled underneath--like the delicate crust of cooled lava veiling the molten lake beneath.
                Blake’s eyes locked on my face as he lurched away from a rack of boy’s jeans. They followed the silent nod of my head. 

 Check out the following Authors and their books!

1.   Arthur Crandon - Writing Matters Blog 
2.   Lilly M. Love - Demons of Dreams Blog
3.   Kimberley Brockman - Raven (YA Paranormal)
4.   Lisa Orchard - The Super Spies and The Cat Lady Killer (YA)
5.   Angela Scott - Desert Rice, Desert Flower, Wanted: Dead or Undead
6.   Cally Jackson - The Big Smoke (from Down Under)
7.   Megan S Johnston - The Chimera Hunters Series

It has been my pleasure to meet and get to know each of these writers and I feel I have gained friends with each of them. This Blog Challenge has truly been that...a CHALLENGE. But it was worth it to be able to find people to stand in my corner and that I can support as well. Thank you to all of you who were kind enough to post my link on your page.

If you'd like to read the first few pages of Dream Weaver, click on 'Excerpts from Dream Weaver' on my page menu to the right!


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  1. Chapter 7 from My Journey To Heaven And Back

    I was unable to get to my baby, unable to dial the phone, and shook all over. What in the world was I going to do? I thought okay, just dial “O” for the operator. I finally was able to dial that one digit to completion.

    Eventually a voice on the other end responded. My mouth was moving but my lips were quivering. I could not understand what I was trying to say and the poor operator surely could not understand.