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A halo around the sun

Greetings everyone! I hope this lovely Fall weather finds you all well and happy! Just took a trip to our cabin on the Pend O'rielle River in NE Washington...the state. I got a lot of great shots, so I'll post a few here. 

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Now, down to business. This week's guest is young lady I stumbled upon a few months ago. She's very poetic...lyrical almost in the way she writes and I was drawn to her and had to read more of her work. And of course, I had to share her with you. So, without further ado...I present: 

 Miss Taylor Eaton
Hi Taylor! And welcome to Dream Weaver Novels on Blogger! I always like for readers to get to know you a little bit, so can you start with a little info on yourself, please?

- Hi Su! Thanks for having me! I'm from Southern California; I like the color green; have a fascination with the stars (but not enough to take an astronomy course); and love to write. I mainly write flash fiction (stories under 1,000 words), but also dabble in longer form fiction, poetry, and non-fiction blogging (geared toward helping other writers).

I haven't really mentioned it much here, but I'm putting together a sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal anthology with writers from around the world that will be released in late December. And! Taylor is one of our newest contributors. So Taylor, I've read your 'The Suicide of the Moon & other stories', but tell my readers about your books.

- The Suicide of the Moon & Other Stories is my debut book. It's a collection of flash fiction (very short stories), all centered around the theme of the moon. The stories range from fantasy to sci-fi to literary, but all about the moon. And all are short and sweet. Other than that, I post free short fiction bi-weekly to my site, Little Write Lies (

What was one of the most surprising/important things you learned while writing your books?

- I learned that it's important to be engaged in the subject you're writing about. That's probably the most important thing. I'd tried to write books in the past for the sake of writing a book. But with The Suicide of the Moon, I couldn't get enough of writing about the moon. That made the entire process far easier (and more enjoyable)!

Any suggestions for beginning writers?

- Write, write, write. Write every day. Write when you're sick, or tired, or busy, or drunk, or in love. Write even when you can't think of anything to write. Write as much as you can, because that's the fastest way to get better.

Who are your favorite/most inspirational authors/books?

- My favorite book of all time is "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I've read it in all the languages I've studied (not to mention the 20+ times I've read it in English). It's a wonderful piece of philosophy disguised as a children's book. It's definitely served as a huge inspiration for me over the years.

What's your next big thing?

- I'm planning a full-length novel. It's still preliminary - no full manuscript yet, but I'm so excited to do something that's different from flash fiction.

Any indie authors you'd like to give a shout out to?

- Yes! I'd love to give a shout out to Skye Fairwin and Cristina Guarino. They co-founded a site with me called The Sprint Shack ( in order to help other writers write frequently. Both Skye and Cristina blog and write fiction, but they were also beta-readers for The Suicide of the Moon - the book just wouldn't have been as good without their feedback!

The post I linked Cristina Guarino with is a post on NaNoWriMo. If you haven't heard of it...where have you been?! Seriously though, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and every November, writers from around the globe commit to writing 50,000 words in 30 days. And believe me, it is a commitment. I wrote most of Rock Star during the NaNo of 2012. It was a great head start. If you're a writer, consider joining the fun. And, they have great prizes for completing (winning) the 5 paperback copies of one your books from CreateSpace! Here's the link if you want to know more.

Back to Taylor. I like to keep interviews short, and add some fun at the end! So tell us, what are your hobbies?

- Writing and reading, dancing, yoga, video games, and wine (that can be a hobby, right?).

Definitely! Wine can absolutely be a hobby! Can you describe what it's like to be a writer in three words.

- Shhh. I'm writing.

If you just won the multi-million dollar lottery, what's the first thing you would buy?

- A year long vacation around the world. I love traveling but don't have enough time or means to go everywhere!

That sounds lovely! I'd love to visit Greece. It just looked so pretty in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie. 

Tell us something weird or quirky about yourself. And what absolutely drives you nuts?

- I like nerdy sci-fi television (Doctor Who is currently my favorite show), but I also like embarrassing reality TV shows (when is the next season of the Bachelor on?). Oh, and I can't stand it when people don't put anything in the subject line of an email.

LOL! Just to yank her chain, I sent Taylor an email without a subject line. I just couldn't help myself! My daughter would love you. She's a huge Doctor Who fan, as well.

Okay, last but not least, I'm doing some research for my next book...a devolution zombie story. So, if you survived the zombie apocalypse, what one thing would you miss the most?

- Contact lenses. I'd eventually run out and have to wear my huge glasses all the time. And knowing me, I'd break those in about a week.

Kinda the Murphy's Law thing going on there. You'd definitely need your glasses to see the zoms you're fighting! Taylor, thank you for visiting us here on Dream Weaver Novels.

-Thanks for having me! :)

It is always my pleasure to host indie authors here on my blog. Many have become good friends, advisers and fellow-trouble-makers (you know who you are!)

And thank you to all of you who stopped by again to visit. I hope you enjoyed this interview with Taylor Eaton. If so, leave her comment below. And if you think of something you would miss during the zombie apocalypse, let me know in the comments below also. 
Here's how you can reach Taylor:

As always...
Dare to Dream! 

And a few more pics:
Almost looks like a painting. Makes it feel as HUGE as it is
Another halo shot...with a little cloud action
Best dog in the world! EVER! Just diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. Please send us your happy thoughts & prayers!
I loved how the pink reflected in the water

This seemed appropriate with Taylor's interview

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