Wednesday, October 1, 2014


And it was a smash success! Combined, all of the Dream Weaver Novels and the Tears of Adamas short story garnered 9,065 downloads over the 5 day promotion! I wanted 10,000. But, I certainly can't cry over numbers like that! And even better, the books were downloaded in countries, like Denmark and Japan, where they've never been downloaded before! Yay! A new audience! And, Tears of Adamas received its first two reviews. Both 5 stars!...Have you had enough of my exclamation points yet? Sorry. I'm just excited!!! OK, I think I'm done now...maybe.
Reminds me of my girl Kandy Kay!

Damn! That's hella-cold!

Any herpetologists out there?

So, let's say you were in Antarctica or Siberia or the sweltering Rain Forest, and didn't have access to wi-fi last week, and you totally missed the free promo. No worries. I've kept the price on the books at the sale price of 99 cents each. That's not a bad price for 5 star, award winning books, is it?
Here's the links...just in case: 

This is supposed to be the place where you get to meet some great authors, and I've been blah blah blahing about myself and my books. So it's about time to get back to the author interviews, right? Well, I've got a couple of good ones coming your way. Stay tuned for interrogations....I mean, interviews with Dayna L Cheser, and Taylor name a couple. 

What a cutie!

I happened on Taylor on a friend's blog and read a short story she wrote. The tale had a very ethereal feel to it, and I really enjoyed it, so I contacted her. I get emails about free and budget ebooks and followed the link to her 'Suicide of the Moon' and other short stories, and purchased the book not realizing it was her. So I was excited when I realized she was someone I'd already been in contact with.

Isn't she adorable!

Now, Dayna L Cheser has self-serve author interviews that she posts on her blog and I did an interview with her over a year ago. Each day, I get stats on this blog, one being a 'referring site' list. And Dayna's site is almost always at the top of the list, and most of time she's my biggest referring site. As a matter of fact, just now when I went to download her pic from her site, I saw my own face in her carousel of authors right on the home page! I wrote her a quick thank you and asked if I could feature her here.

So, do stay tuned. I will have more info on both Taylor and Dayna in the next few days.
Until then...
As Always...
Dare to Dream!

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