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Hey everybody! You know I'm always excited to bring you new authors and this week is no exception. You've met today's guest here once before and I'm uber-excited to bring her to you again. Almost a year ago, New York Times Best-Selling Author Marissa Meyer was so sweet to do an interview with me...despite totally going fangirl on her when we met at the PNWA writer's conference. So I'm feeling even more blessed that she was willing to visit us again! She's been so amazing about answering my emails and I've tried not to take advantage of her generosity. It means so much to me that she will take my emails and respond back.

So, let's get it started! I give you ...

Marissa, thanks so much for visiting today! Please tell us, how did you break into published writing? Did you attend conferences and pitch, query letters, friend of a friend or favor shining down from heaven?

Old-fashioned query letters! I made my list of about a dozen agents that represented some of my favorite books, edited my query letter until it had a lovely glow about it (and had a bunch of friends read and critique it), then sent it out. Two months later, I was signing with the very first agent I'd sent it to - my "dream agent"! It happened much faster than I was expecting, but I think that really comes down to knowing your audience (in this case, the agent) and putting in a lot of up-front effort into making your query and manuscript as strong as you can.

I believe I read somewhere, probably your blog (Marissa's blog), that you started by writing fan fiction. Can you explain a little of what that's all about, which ones you wrote for, and tell us where, if anywhere, we could find a sample of your work?

Yes indeed! Fanfiction is when you write stories using the world or characters from an existing story (i.e., Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Harry Potter...) For about ten years I wrote fanfiction for the popular magic girl anime "Sailor Moon" - I was OBSESSED and wrote over 50 works of fanfic in that time, many of which were novel-length. I really credit fanfiction and the fandom with helping me to develop my voice as a writer and teaching me how to tell a good story. All my works are still available on, under "Alicia Blade."

You just came off an amazing book tour. What was your favorite place (I heard they celebrated your birthday one place!) and what one thing would you want to say to your hosts and fans that you met?

Oh gosh, this book tour was amazing! Choosing a [specific] store is so hard. I really love going to Toronto, Canada - the fans up there are so excited, and the store had my own Lunar Chronicles playlist playing during the signing and they hosted a dance-off and all sorts of crazy things. There were also a few cosplayers that came to a couple of the events, which is always SO much fun to see. But really, all the stores were great. I'm always so honored when fans take time out of their lives to come hear me talk and answer questions and sign their books. It means a lot to me, and I hope they have fun!
What's the next BIG thing for Miss Marissa Meyer? Any exciting news to share with readers?

I'm just getting ready to dive into revisions for my first non-Lunar Chronicles. It will be a young adult fantasy called HEARTLESS: a prequel to Alice in Wonderland focused on the rise of the Queen of Hearts. I'm SO excited for it! After that, I believe I'll be starting an action/adventure trilogy. And I have some other ideas brewing, but we'll see.... always so many ideas!

Cons and cosplaying is relatively new to me but my daughter and I were initiated last July at Spokane's KuroNecoCon. So, what's your next cosplay and for what event?

Oh gosh, good question! After HEARTLESS sold, my mom said she was going to make me a Queen of Hearts costume for this upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. I don't know if she still is though - it's coming up fast and we haven't even started! But I would love that. It's been too long since I got to wear a big poofy ball gown. :)

Oh! I wish you could smuggle me in your suitcase for Comic-Con! Of course, my daughter might wrestle me for it...since we're not 'con virgins' anymore. My tattoo guy got to meet Norman Reedus (Daryl) from The Walking Dead. LOVE him!

Marissa now has the first 3 books of the Lunar Chronicles Series out. The first is Cinder; the second is Scarlet; and the third is Cress. I've given ALL of Marissa's books a five star review. Getting the first agent you query is nigh to miraculous! That should speak to the type of writer Marissa is...and the NYT Best-Seller's List ain't bad either.
So cool to see different cover versions!

Marissa! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I know your time is precious and I am truly honored that you've shared a few moments with me and my friends!

I hope you will all check out Miss Marissa and her books. She is a truly lovely and unique person and I love her for being both.

And thank you to all of you for stopping by to visit. The moments you share by being here bring a smile to my face, and I appreciate each of you.

As always...
Dare to Dream!

PS I mentioned my tat guy earlier. I got new ink a couple weeks ago for Rock Star. My favorite part is the spider Ari. She turned out so cool.

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