Friday, March 15, 2013


 Artist Shawn Foote has an amazing imagination. Using mixed media; acrylic, pen, pencil and even a little glitter, he created two original pieces of art. One is the snowy forest that makes up the back-most image of the cover. The second is the image of Emari embroiled in nightmares.
 This is the full layout of the cover...with one minor exception; the blurb on the back was changed at the last minute.

Thank you to Shawn, Jared and everyone who helped decide on this cover. I am more pleased than words can express!


  1. What a beautiful job! A true work of Art! Shawn is awesome! He was able to take the story and, using his artistic skills, create a work of Art. If one looks hard enough you may find Nick on the front cover. This is definitely one book that will stand out the shelf at bookstores everywhere. It screams "Read Me!" But only a great story could inspire an artist such as Shawn Foote. Su has taken a simple premise and through the art of writing has transformed it into a tapestry of magic. Her characters are unbelievably human consigned to be just like the rest of us. Hoping, believing, and wanting a better life than the one they must endure. And faced with the everyday decisions of life our heroes must confront a new evil. An evil consumed with a lust for power, control and destruction. You think Zombies are scary? Wait until you meet a Nightmare Wraith. You will never want to sleep again.

  2. It's been a surreal experience. Shawn read Dream Weaver and picked up on the lingo. It was cool and a little strange to have a discussion with someone I didn't have to explain what I was talking about and who used the terms familiar to me. I don't think I could have asked for a better artist, with a better experience and a better outcome.