Friday, December 14, 2012

2 ARC's from CreateSpace

It's been an exciting week. After at least 8 upload attempts and an issue with embedding my fonts, I finally got Dream Weaver uploaded and approved by CreateSpace. I ordered 2 ARCs and started reviewing the digital copy. I'm wishing now I had reviewed the digital and then ordered, but there's just something about me that makes me follow directions. Just once, I should step out of line, throw caution to the wind and say 'what the hell?' and do things my own way. Oh well. Still so excited to see my hard work in print.

The cover looks great, but I'm commissioning a friend from PNWA to do a piece for me. His name is Shawn Foote and he is an amazing artist who uses multi-media in his work. And besides, he's an awful sweet guy.

Happy Christmas to all...yes a nod to Harry Potter there. The magic lives on!

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