Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 7 of 15 Habits of Great Writers - Start UGLY

What a relief - This was so good to hear. When I started my novel it was anything but pretty. I scrawled notes on post-its and strips of receipt tape; had a notebook full of notes (because that's what notebooks are for...notes). When I thought I was done, I had a 68 page manuscript. Uh...that's not even a novella.

I vomited scattered scenes on the page and figured out the spongy connection stuff to encompass the cream filling...also known as spooge. (Hope that's not a nasty word on Urban Dictionary.)

Culling the craft - I went to conferences, read lots of books, researched and learned as much as I could about writing, grammar, sentence structure; and then the perfect pitch, query letter and synopsis. (Most of which I had no clue what they were previously.)

Eventually, my 68 pages turned into almost 97k words. I spit and polished it a zillion times.

Not alone in the world - It's so nice to know that I'm not the only writer out here who makes a big mess to begin with, then makes it all pretty later. I just thought I was weird.

But, hey! That's nothing new!

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