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You know I always say how excited I am to present a new author here. And I am. Every single time. And today's guest is no exception. I just learned something about her that I didn't know before...good reason to do these interviews, right? Today's guest is the lovely Miss Rainy Kaye, author of Summoned AND a USA Today Bestselling Author.

 Meet Rainy Kaye!
Rainy Kaye, welcome to Dream Weaver Novels on Blogger! I loved your book Summoned and had to get in contact with you after I read it. Can you tell readers a little about the book, please?
Thank you! I wrote SUMMONED to take a break from a 9 book series that has been in development for several years. The only goal I had for SUMMONED was for it to be steamy and full of personality, but I wasn't sure if I would really publish it. An agent saw it on Twitter, and it was under representation before it was even finished. A few months after release, it was added to the PANDORA boxed set which reached the USA Today Bestseller List. Who knew!
Wow! That is exciting for any author. Since I'm a devoted fan, I'd love to know more about what comes next. Any new releases? Or plans for new books?

Oh, yes. STIFLED (Book 2) should be out in March of this year. SHATTERED (Book 3) is about halfway done, and then there will be a fourth book, SABOTAGED, to wrap up the series. The prequel novella AXIOM was released in November '14, and there might be one more novella, but nothing in stone with that yet.

Who is your favorite author both in traditional publishing and indie?

Just one? That's so difficult to choose. Of course, I love many of the giants, but I also adore Kendare Blake, Rebecca Hamilton, Natasha Larry. . .Seriously, just one? :) 

Rainy Kaye is an unusual name. Is it a pen name? If so, how and why did you choose it?

Nope, not a pen name! There's a really long, boring story about how the name came to be, but I'm morally opposed to boring stories. ;) 

I've seen the question 'What book most influenced your life?' But I always wonder, what book/books most influenced your writing?

It seems silly, but the book that influenced my writing more than anything was The Giver by Lois Lowry. I don't write children's books, and outside of The Giver I don't think I ever lost sleep over any of her other books. But that one really sparked the "I want to do this!" fire as a kid, and it never went away. 

One of my all time favorites is The Giving Tree. And I just found out it's celebrating its 50th birthday! I had absolutely no idea it had been around so long. It's a great timeless children's story, about the heart of a giver. I gave a copy to a friend of mine who reminded me so much of that willing tree. So, what book is sitting on your nightstand right now?

The Everything Guide to Music Theory. My music genuis friend, Scott Haskin, suggested it to me, but I haven't cracked it open yet. Need more coffee! 

Any great/helpful websites you've found for indie authors?

Free Kindle Giveaway is my latest favorite. I get so much amazing promotion through it. 

For Fun Questions
I like to keep interviews fairly short and have a little fun at the end. Any indie authors you'd like to give a shout out to? 

So many of them! The ones mentioned earlier, plus Kiersten Fay, Kosta Angelou, there's just too many. 

What group did you hang out with in high school?

I was homeschooled, so that sort of ends that discussion, doesn't it? I hung out with troublemakers, mostly, and still do. ;) 

Me too! I knew there was reason I like you! Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

My motto is, "I need more coffee." Does that count? 

Absolutely! Speaking of which, I need to warm mine up again. What is one thing about you that is odd or quirky? Something that might surprise people who know you?

While I'm not a fan of Disney, I love The Lion King. Yep. No shame.

Nope! No shame here! The stage of The Lion King was amazing! Besides, quirks make us more human and more interesting. Anything else you'd like for readers to know? 

You guys rock! 
USA Today Bestselling Author. 

Thank you so much for visiting us today.

Rainy Kaye can be found at the following sites:

My review of Summoned
Author Rainy Kaye now has a new fan. I loved her jinn book Summoned. It is well-written, fast-paced, intriguing (I lost a few hours of sleep) and original. I was actually expecting it to be a YA book, just based on the guy on cover...what can I say? I do judge a book by its cover. So when the 'steamy' scenes began to play out I was bit caught off guard. But honestly, even those scenes were so well-written...a challenge to many Adult/erotica writers. All the scenes were honest and believable. If I could add neon lights and flashing beacons onto my 5 star rating, I'd do it in a heart beat. Nice job, Rainy Kaye!

So there you have it! The magnificent Miss Rainy Kaye! So please stop by and check out her books.
Thank you one and all for being here again!
are all on sale for 99 cents each.
is available for $3.99. All proceeds go to Reading is Fundamental!

And as always...
Dare to Dream!

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