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The Breaking Normal Goodreads Giveaway will end on August 31. So I wanted to give it another shout out if some of you haven't heard about it.



As a relatively new indie author, my policy has been to offer my books at very low prices, because I believe, right now, I'm building a fan base rather than trying to make a million bucks. I like to make sure readers know about the great prices on my books. And that trend continues today. In celebration of the final Dream Weaver book, BREAKING NORMAL will be on sale for $2.99, AND both DREAM WEAVER & ROCK STAR are only $0.99 each. I don't price my books so low because I don't believe they're worth more. I price them this way to get them in as many hands as I can. I may not make a million this way, but people will start to know my name and the quality of books I release. So maybe the next one will sell a million!! Hey a girl can dream, right?


Keep your eyes out...that just sounds weird, doesn't it? I envision Blind Mag from Repo: The Genetic Opera as she plucks out her genetically perfect eyes that shoot out images while she sings....but I digress. Yes, so, keep an eye out for my new, old-fashion fairy tale inspired by Ellen Mae Franklin's The Unseen Promise. It's entitled Tears of Adamas, a tale of a young maiden who weeps diamonds, and the power of cruelty and compassion. Will post the link once it goes live. 
Here's the cover...


With everyone on vacation this summer, I haven't been posting as many indie author interviews. But I do have a great list of folks I'd like to introduce to you. Upcoming interviews include:


I'm not sure I asked Lorraine Adair yet. Oops! I'm sure she'll be on board with an interview. If not, I'm still going to tell you about her fantastic book Ambient Light. I've linked their names, so you can check them out beforehand. But we'll get lots of great info when their interviews are posted.


Thank you to those of you who checked out Dollar Photo Club from my last post. As an ambassador for the site, I receive $10 for each membership I send their way. And I got my next month's membership fees paid, thanks to you! If you didn't get the info on the club, I'll post the link here: Dollar Photo Club I'm not one to jump on board with just any associates program, so you have to know I truly LOVE this site! I am so pleased with my images...which you see on Rock Star, Breaking Normal & Tears of Adamas. Just fabulous images for just a buck!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you're taking advantage of these last few days of summer break before the kiddies return to school...if they haven't already. Personally, I'm sad to see summer leaving so soon. 

As Always...

Dare to Dream!


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