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This week's guest started popping onto my radar shortly after I became a member of Author's Social Media Support Group. I'm actually a little shocked I haven't had her on before. We've done contests and blog hops together but somehow I missed having her on as a featured author. So now, I'm making up for my faux pas and happily present to you...


Miss Ruth Silver! 
Ruth, please tell readers who you are, where you're from...all the good and important stuff. (Like is Silver your real last name or a pen name?)

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Su. Yes, my real name is Ruth Silver. I’m from a suburb outside of Chicago and I have a dog, Trace, that I adopted from the animal shelter when I lived for a short time in Omaha. I’ve moved around a lot.

What kind of books do you write and do you believe in the adage 'Write what you read (or know)'?
I write young adult books, anything from dystopian, paranormal, to fantasy. I’ve got a YA contemporary novel that I started quite awhile ago too. As long as it’s YA, I consider it fair game. I do believe that as an author, writing what you know is easier. I also feel that research is important to any story and you can learn almost anything when it comes to writing what you know.

What's your most recent project(s)?

Orenda and Dead Girl Walking are my two most recent book series. Orenda is a YA Fantasy story that takes place in a parallel universe (so a hint of sci-fi), and Dead Girl Walking is a YA Paranormal novel about grim reapers.

Dead Girl Walking

 I've seen Orenda and Dead Girl Walking all over Facebook and Twitter. But you have another series out there too. Tell us about those.

My first series I wrote and published through a small press was a Dystopian series for young adults titled Aberrant. It’s about an eighteen year old girl, Olivia Parker, who is an anomaly. She’s special and because of it, the government wants her dead. 
What are your future plans readers can look forward to?
I’ve been working simultaneously on the next books in the series Orenda and Dead Girl Walking. Elfinland, Book two in the Orenda series will be available sometime in the fall. Forget Me Not, the second book in the Dead Girl Walking series will be available in the winter.

Any upcoming or current events you'd like us to know about?
I’ve been participating in a lot of library and high school literary events. In April I was the keynote speaker for the Northern Big 12 Literary Festival. It was amazing to meet so many talented young authors. I’m looking forward to attending Kids College Writers Academy in July at Elgin Community College and working with young adults 11-15.

Any tools or websites you've found particularly useful as an indie author?
Good question. NetGalley has been a great tool for getting my novel in front of librarians and book bloggers. It isn’t cheap to pay for a slot, but if you join a co-op like Patchwork Press, it’s much more reasonable.

We meet indie authors from all over the world on a daily basis. Any you'd like to give a little shout out to?
Yes Smile The girls with Patchwork Press are not only incredibly helpful but also super talented.

Now for a little fun!
Tell us one thing that's quirky, strange or downright weird about yourself.

My best friend I met online in a Without a Trace forum. We wrote fan fiction together and eventually I traveled across the world to meet her.

What one thing would you want people to know about you as a writer and as a person?
I love to read, especially young adult titles. My favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. All writers should be avid readers.

If I gave you a crystal pitcher, a rose and a tiara what kind of story would  you come up with?
They would be three magical elements that would transport you to different places in time.

*     *     *

Ruth, thank you for visiting with my readers today! I'm always happy to introduce other indie authors to the folks who stop by here.
Thank you to all of you who took time out of your day to stop in and check out this week's post. I am truly blessed by each and every visitor, and I love to hear from you!!!
Dream Weaver and Rock Star are on sale for $0.99 each on Amazon. The final book in the Dream Weaver series, Private Eye, is on target at 43k words and should be released in late July. 
Hope you enjoyed this interview with Ruth Silver...and I've added a few of my own pics for you too. Thanks for stopping by.
And as always...
Dare to Dream!
Yes, it's true. I turned 50 in May!

Crimson & clover, over & over...

The view from our cabin on Pend Oreille River

Sunset after the rain, thru the trees.

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