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I'm kind of in between interviews and website posts, so I thought I would introduce one of my protagonists to those of you who are following along. So here goes:

Emari Jewel Sweet is a 17 year old orphan. She's lost her parents in a car crash, and to avoid being forced to return to public school by her uncle (Adrian), she has fought for and won legal emancipation from the Spokane Court system. 

Not Your Average...
Emari and her best friend, Ivy don't believe in being average and vehemently resist becoming "cookie cutter kids" and falling into status quo. The two relate best with the emo/goth kids, black eyeliner and nails, black wardrobe and skulls; but they're both total Potterheads and borderline Twi-hards. Emari often teeters on the razors edge of self-harm, tho she's only been brave enough...or pained enough...once to try anything.

On The Outside
Jane Sweet, Emari's mother, originates in Ireland and passed down her coppery locks and vivid emerald eyes to her daughter. Emari is all of 5' 2", petite build and creamy ivory skin. She doesn't care much about what she looks like, but she's always had a secret wish that her lips were a little more 'Angelina Jolie.'

It's The Inside That Counts
Before the accident, Emari was a content emo chick...content to dwell in her self-imposed darkness, and spend long hours on end haunting the local grave yard. Zecharias & Jane Sweet were real estate investors, with investments that span the Eastern half of Washington state. They provided well for their daughter, an only child, so Em is never really in want of anything. She's one of those weird kids that never feels the need to distance herself from her parents, who have always been the 'cool parents.' Emari is confident and dorky...and confident in being dorky.
But after the accident, Emari's delicate world collapses...all around her and deep within her. She's catatonic with grief and only Ivy can reach her in her crumbling world. Despite not being in the car when it crashed and burned, Em has night terrors of the accident...over and over and over again. Her screams rip through the walls of her cottage and reverberate off the towering pines that surround it. And only the dream of a dark-eyed stranger, her 'angel', can deliver her from the nightly assault.

Well, there's Emari in a nut shell. So thanks for letting me introduce Emari Sweet to you. You can read more of her story in Dream Weaver and I hope to introduce 'the dark-eyed stranger' Nickolas Benedetti to you soon; as well as Ivy, Jesse, Sabre and Eddyson (he's the cutest by far!!) (You can find some of Sabre James' backstory in this blog's archives.)

And as always...
Dare to Dream!!!

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