Monday, September 30, 2013


The war between Light and Dark magic is about to spill over into our world...

I happened upon a young man on Goodreads a few months ago. He had an excerpt of one of his stories posted and I read it. And I was amazed. With seemingly effortless ease, he drew me into a cold, dark chamber where I felt the chill, damp air, smelled the musty forgotteness,  and heard the crackle of brittle, aged skin. I had only one word for Sam Whitehouse. AMAZING! I told everyone I met about Sam and sent him kudos for such beautiful, haunting imagery. 

Since that time, Sam and I have become friends of sorts. We've even entered upon a pact: Whichever of us becomes famous first, takes the other to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I am all on that! And I kind of hope he wins, because what would be cooler than visiting Harry Potter in the UK!? He has honored me with helping him with the edits of his first book, The Prophecy of Three. And I am truly honored, because I truly believe that the name Sam Whitehouse will become a name that is spoken in many, many homes worldwide. Sam's story is imaginative and compelling; a world that is easily believable and artistically painted with words. 

Shadows grew and shrank in obscuring patches across the valley, cast by the moon that grinned from between gaps in the night’s roof of clouds. Mist coiled in finger-like tendrils from the forest of skeletal trees fringing the mountains, shifting in waves across the grass that looked black beneath the clouded night sky.

When Sam messaged me about a five-day, free promotion of Prophecy of Three, I jumped on the chance to get the word out for him. So, starting on September 30, 2013, The Prophecy of Three: the Keys of Time will be free to download from Amazon. If you like YA urban fantasy that blends modern day with myth and legends, please feel free to pick up a copy. An author and his book relies on its readers for inspiration.

Everything changed for Simon Falke the first time he fell through the fire. 
Just beneath the surface of our world, a war between Light and Dark magic has been waging for centuries. Wielded by Morgana, the Dark is growing in power. But a long foretold prophecy, The Prophecy of Three, could change everything. 

Not many teenagers can say they are the subject of an ancient prophecy. Fewer still can say they have inherited the powers of a wizard and a responsibility for the fate of the world. Simon, Evelyn and James are three who can. From the moment they learn of the Prophecy of Three, they are thrown into the war against Morgana, whom prophecy states they will destroy. 
Immersed in a dangerous new world of ancient magic, power hungry witches, insidious creatures and limitless power, Simon, Evelyn and James must hunt down the Keys of Time. For with the Keys Morgana would be unstoppable…Not exactly the life of your average teenager. 

From the killer first line that hooks you instantly, to the powerful imagery that draws you in and casts its spell on you, Prophecy of Three is the magical book with that power. And like his characters, Sam Whitehouse is not 'your average teenager.'

Please help me support this great UK author that has a gift to share with the world! It's a free download on Here's the link:

And please, please spread the word!

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