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Before we get started...
In honour of a friend who struggles with his own Nightmare Wraith...
Starting today (8/23) for 48 hours only, Dream Weaver for Kindle will be on sale on Amazon for only .99 cents. I know a lot of people like FREE books, but at this price, an author only sees .35 cents profit for their months or years of work. I hope you'll all take advantage and please share this link with your friends!

AND NOW........
Introducing author Arthur Crandon
If I remember correctly, Arthur and I originally connected on Twitter. Isn't that such a great place to meet people from all over the world?! And even though our genres are vastly different, we hit it off. I started following his blog, which never fails to make me smile and sometimes even laugh out loud...which is fete. I just 'get' his humor and he's not one of those authors trying to pass it off as though he knows it all. He's learning like the rest of us and shares what he's learned. But enough of that. Let's get to know him...

Hong Kong
Okay, first of all, we’d like to know about living in Hong Kong! And what took you so far from home…the UK, right?
Well, first of all, I love Hong Kong. It is a positive place, and a very multicultural environment.  We have great beaches, shops, restaurants and weather.  It is the height of the summer now, very hot. I have been in South East Asia for more than ten years now.  I moved to the Philippines when I retired from my legal practice, my wife is a Philippina, and fell in love with Asia.
One of Arthur's Favorite Places

That's Life!
How does your life experience factor in to your writing?
I have used my rather extraordinary life experiences, some good, but mainly bad.  I am glad now that some good is coming from my difficulties.

The 50 Word Test
If you had to summarize your book in, say, 50 words, what would you say?
It’s an unusual book. A crime/thriller set in Asia. It is set in the beautiful Philippines, but it exposes the worst side of human nature and life in the islands.  The murderous, treacherous, lustful and corrupt events in the book did not really happen, but they could have…
Wow, Arthur! I'm impressed! 49 had one to spare!

Casting Call
Just for fun…and I know most of us do this…who would your dream cast be if your book became a movie?
The three Key characters are Consuelo, Chloe and Paul. Consuelo, a crooked and evil politician could be played by Robert de Niro.  Chloe, his attractive and long suffering wife could be Angelina Jolie, and Kiefer Sutherland would play Paul, the old soldier, well.
LOL! I figured you for an Angelina Jolie kind of guy! It's the lips, isn't it?

Your Favorites
Tell us about your favorite books.
I have always loved John Grisham. His novels have always attracted me because of the legal aspects, and my favourite book would have to be "A time to Kill" -

What website has been the most help to you?
I think Goodreads is a very useful and helpful website to ALL authors. It is full of good advice and nice people to meet.

Any promo/marketing advice?
I have had to think long and hard about what to say here. Things are changing so fast in the industry that much of the advice given today will be out of date in six months time.  The only advice I would offer is to start with the basics.  Make sure you have a good product to market – A good, professional cover. A well-written, well-edited and formatted.  If you have all those things, a positive attitude will take you a long way.

Now for all the big stuff!
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A Little Fun
Finally, I always love the fun pics you add to your blog. Do you have a special one just for us?
Couldn't be more perfect! Thanks, Arthur!
 And of course I can't leave off without adding some of my own fav pics!
Ode to an old friend. Yes, that's a gerbil.
He squoze into any box he could find

And demanded outside for thunderstorms!
Thanks everyone for visiting! I'm always happy to find you here!
And as aways...
Dare to Dream,

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