Saturday, June 8, 2013



OK, so maybe I'm slacking a little bit, but I also started a new job at The Home Depot working at the service desk. Geez there's a lot to learn. I also have relatives in town from Mississippi that I haven't seen in years, so I'm making as much time for them as I can. And, I've been checking out some new sites to help in promotion of Dream Weaver and I wanted to share them here.


First, I got 'followed' on Twitter by a site called Book Tweeting Services. They offer affordable global Twitter promotion for authors. As well, they have a list of dozens of book reviewers who will review your book for free. Yes! FREE! There are reviewers for almost every genre you can imagine.

Then, I was 'followed' by Indie_Kindle a part of World Lit Cafe. They have a great program you can get involved with that 'tweets' your book for you. It's simple and easy (redundant?) and you get a notice from Twitter that you were mentioned, so you can 're-tweet' to your hearts content. They have services for authors, readers, bloggers and reviewers. Check 'em out!

I also discovered something that most of you probably know about, but hey, it's new to me and I love it. You know when you follow people on Twitter and they never follow back. Well JustUnfollow will find those people from your Twitter list who have no manners and help you delete them. There is a free service, or you can upgrade. You can also copy someone else's followers list.


Ever heard of IMdB? It's a site that has everything you want to know about every movie or actor you could want. Well, this is AuthorsdB. A data base of authors; published and self-published. You can list all of your author info and book info on this site. I also entered the cover of Dream Weaver into a cover art contest. So far, it is in the top 12 out of I would GREATLY appreciate it if you would go to this link HERE and rate the cover, then please, please spread the word. (Under 'Image Rating' click the green arrow and click how many stars you would give it.) Be sure to click the Facebook 'Like' button too. They have a lot of other services available to authors.


I hope you are all having a great week; that all of you readers are reading; and you writer's are writing. Always remember, you're an artist. Don't be a reporter, paint a picture with your words.
And as always,
Dare to Dream!

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