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From May 3 to May 20 Dream Weaver was featured on blogs from around the world! I hope you enjoyed the Dream Weaver trivia, meeting Emari Sweet, Nick Benedetti and Sabre James, and getting to know more about me as author. And maybe you found a new writer to love.

May 3 - My interview for British author, Sam Whitehouse on Prophecy of Three Quartet   @SamProphecy

May 5 - Pick Your Poison Book Reviews  @DJKile1

May 6 - Angela Scott Desert Rice, & Wanted:Dead or Undead  @whimsywriting

May 7 - Arthur Crandon (Brit. author in Hong Kong)  @arthurcrandon 

                  Jill Sanders, Pride Series  @prideseries

May - 8 Lisa Orchard  @lisaorchard1

May 9 - Philip Newey, All-Read-E editing, Cairns, AU  @All_read_E

May 10 - Cally Jackson, The Big Smoke, Brisbane, AU  @callyjackson

May 11 - Liz DeJesus (post #2) First Frost  @Liz_DeJesus23 

May 13 - Cheryl Rainfield - Canada  @CherylRainfield 

May 14 - Lucy D'Andrea Moonlight Gleams  @MoonlightGleams
               AJ Wiliams Great Romance Promotions  @AJ_Wiliams

May 15 - Toni Sinns  @TurningBookPage

                Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo Pie: An Old Brown Horse (that knows what he is doing)                                 @KKScaramuzzo

May 17 - Dawn Husted  @TheDawnHusted
               Tina Pollick  @TinaPollick

May 18 - Megan S. Johnston Transition: A Chimera Hunter book  @MeganSJohnston1

May 19 - Red Reader   @RedReaderReview 

Thank you to everyone who hosted me on their websites and blogs. I'm excited to return the favor so my friends can meet you, as well.

One of my photos
So, what tips do you have on conducting a blog tour? I'd love to hear what you have to say. Please leave a comment with your advice.

And as always!
Dare to Dream!!

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